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Souvenir shop with Scandinavian gourmet foods. Deli is an original combination of service and assortment.

Category: Delicacies Gifts & souvenirs

Cheeses, pickled herring, hand-made crispbread, charcuterie and fish roe. Fish from Sweden's west coast and tasty treats from the northern Swedish wilderness such as elk pâté. A reindeer hide or a tiny Dalecarlian painted wooden horse. There's no lack of suggestions for last-minute gifts that are symbolically Swedish from this shop.

The basic idea behind Deli is to offer high-quality Scandinavian souvenirs, and they should be edible and enjoyable. As a customer, you can select a bit of locally sourced food culture or interesting handicrafts to take with you from Sweden.

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Terminal 5: 1-24, F26-F69 After security

Opening hours:

Daily: 05.00 until last departure


073-688 15 59