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Discover Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong, you can go shopping and ride a rollercoaster one day and surf the next – the city is compact, so it’s possible to do a lot in a short time. Public transport is excellent, and travel by taxi is also reasonably priced. Here are a few tips for your Hong Kong trip.


Visit Apliu Street if you’re looking for electronic gadgets. You will find both new and used items at really good prices.

Would you like to update your kitchenware? In Shanghai Street there are pots and pans of all sizes and models, cutting boards, moon cake moulds and whisks in great numbers.

If you’re more interested in areas with classic shopping malls, there are a number to choose from, such as the Central and Western and Admiralty districts in the Hong Kong Islands. You’ll find hyper-modern malls mixed with more traditional markets.

Nature and entertainment

If you’d like to try surfing, then you’re in the right place – visit Tung Wan Beach or Big Wave Bay Beach. If you want to experience a really beautiful sunset on one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong, then head to Pui O Beach.

Did you know that Hong Kong is known for its amusement parks? Alongside Disneyland there’s Ocean Park, which offers an oceanarium, an animal theme park and amazing rollercoasters.

If you’re  travelling with children, a visit to Snoopy’s World can be recommended. It’s located in the New Town Plaza shopping centre and is really a giant outdoor playground where the many activities on offer include taking a little canoe trip. 

In the evening, there are many clubs to choose from. Dragon-i is one of the more exclusive clubs, where you may run across celebrities. C Club combines a bar and club in a modern setting, and for people who want to experience something beyond the ordinary, Club Space, decorated with a futuristic theme, is a must.


As for food, Hong Kong natives like to eat quickly, well and inexpensively. In the hip district of Sheung Wan you’ll find dishes such as Sichuan-spiced noodle soup – remember that food from Sichuan province is especially spicy.

If you’re keen on fish and seafood, a visit to Lei Yue Mun farthest out in the southwest tip of Kowloon is recommended. Here you can choose which crab or lobster you want from the aquarium and then have it prepared straight away.

It’s not a visit to Hong Kong without dumplings. One suggestion is in Mong Kok at Dim Dim Sum, where you’ll enjoy artistically presented dumplings.

Tips and inspiration with The Local’s Guide

Would you like to get the very best and most up-up-date tips from people who are residents of Hong Kong and spend their everyday lives there? The mobile website The Local’s Guide gathers Instagram updates from people who know the city best – local residents. Soon you’ll be able to find Hong Kong in The Local’s Guide via Swedavia’s app at arlandaairport.se/localsguide.

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