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There is no other city like Venice. It has 180 canals, 450 bridges and magnificent palaces. It is a city rich in museums and historical buildings of great artistic and cultural importance. Add to that the transient feeling and the quiet everyday life. The beauty of it all is truly apparent.
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Do and see
The whole city is a unique sight in itself, there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. The best way to explore Venice is by foot.
Palazzo Ducale
Palazzo Ducale, aka the Doge’s Palace, used to be the residence of the Doge of Venice, and also a space where the government could lodge. Both court and prison were located within the palace walls, but today the building is a museum.
Basilica di San Marco
The full name in Italian is Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco, but people will know what you’re talking about if you say Saint Mark’s Basilica. This cathedral church is the most famous of churches in Venice, presenting an impressive mosaic exterior as well as a striking interior.
Grand Canal
The Grand Canal is the largest canal in town, almost 4 km long and at places as wide as 90 metres with an average depth of 5 metres. Public transport is available in the form of vaporetti - water buses, gondolas and water taxis. There are plenty of famous buildings located along the river and it is crossed by three bridges.
Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Peggy Guggenheim was the wife of the artist Max Ernst and the museum is housed in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, which is her former home. Her art collection were opened to the public in 1951 and people can now enjoy art from European and American art from the first half of the 20th century.
Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco, aka Mark’s Square, is the biggest square in Venice, and the most famous one too. If you truly want to understand the might of the former Venetian empire this is the place to visit. The square is full of interesting and impressive sights, one of the being the campanile - bell tower - from where you can get a splendid view of Venice.
Ca’ Rezzonico
Longhena’s palazzo is one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole city. It was completed in 1756, over 100 years after the first day of construction and today it serves as a museum, Ca’ Rezzonico, with an interesting display of 18th century Venice.
Ca’ Pesaro
Ca’ Pesaro is the city’s modern art museum, located in an old palazzo facing the Grand Canal. Very exciting art can be found in the Oriental art department: 30,000 objects from Japan, China and Indonesia.
Rialto Fish Market
This fish and vegetable market has been around since the year 1097, and there is a frantic activity here, especially early in the mornings. The fishmongers, the bustling scenes, the old façades and the canal combine for an experience by all senses. The city’s best butcher shops are also nearby.
Venice Marco Polo Airport
Venice Marco Polo Airport is situated 7 km north of the city. There is a wide selection of transports from the airport to the city. Choose between buses, taxicabs and boats. If you choose boat be prepared for a short walk first. The water bus is operated by Alilaguna and a single ticket costs €15. The journey takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. There are also motor boats and the price vary from company to company but calculate around €80. There is also a land route to Venice. The two transport companies ACTV and ATVO have direct buses between the city and the airport. The journey takes approx. 20-25 minutes and the fare is €6 one way. Taxis are waiting outside the terminal and prices start at €40.
Treviso Airport
Aeroporto Treviso, sometimes referred to as Venice’s package tour airport, lies 30 km north of Venice. ATVO and Barzi buses depart for Venice and the journey takes about 40 minutes. A single ticket with the Barzi bus costs €10.00 and the fare for a return ticket is €18.00. There is a ticket office located in the arrivals hall. A taxi from the airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice starts at €65.
Public Transport
The ACTV operate the ordinary buses together with the bus boats, called vaporettos. Tickets can be purchased at the stations, from newsstands or on board the boats. There are also several travel cards to choose from but remember that you need to swipe them before boarding. If you need to cross the Grand Canal you can catch a traghetto, a large gondola leaving from different places between the bridges.
The taxis in Venice are mainly boats of different sorts. Travelling by gondola is rather expensive and is better used for sightseeing or a special excursion. The boat taxis are slightly cheaper. One of the premier boat taxi operators in Venice is Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia.
Stamps can be purchased from tobacconists that carry either the blue and white "Tabacchi" sign or are simply marked with a "T". There are a couple of post offices across the city and you find one of them at:
Pharmacies have alternating open hours during weekends and nights. Addresses to night open pharmacies are posted at every pharmacy. You find one of the local pharmacies called Farmacia Santa Margherita at:
Country code: +39 Area code: 041 (also dialled in Venice) If you call Italy from abroad, you must always dial zero in the area code (do not omit it as is the general practice when making international telephone calls), e.g. +39 041 + the number.
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