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Turin, the first capital of the kingdom of Italy a city with history, great parks alongside the river Po. A city with good food and with even better drinks. Under the arcades in the city center there are countless wine bars, grandiose continental cafés and luxurious shopping streets. Turin is known for Fiat, Juventus and Italian film - this city is a fascinating metropolis where the future is being created!
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Do and see
Turin has many cultural hot spots such as art galleries, opera houses, theatres and museums. This is because of a vivid history that up until this very day still colours the streets and the atmosphere.
The Film Museum - Museo Nazionale Del Cinema
The Italian film industry was born in Turin and this is where the country’s exciting film museum is located. You will find it inside the Mole Antonelliana, in a tall brick building with a magnificent view.
Basilica Di Superga
This is a church from the 18th century with graves of popes. On site, there is a football museum in memory of an airplane that crashed with players from AC Turin on board. The view of the city from here is amazing. To get there, you can choose between a bus, mountain railway or long-distance footpath up.
Palazzo Reale
Palazzo Reale is a royal palace from 1646-1861 with magnificent objects from the Baroque and Rococo periods. Right next to the palace, there is a beautiful and peaceful garden.
Parco del Valentino
Parco del Valentino is a famous public park that covers an area of 421,000 m², side by side with the river Po. Colourful flower beds and a small stream with wooden bridges crossing it create a peaceful haven in the midst of the bustling city.
Street Markets Porta Palazzo and Balon
If you like a bargain, you will get the opportunity to stock up on vegetables, fruit and groceries at the street markets Porta Palazzo and Balon. These markets are feasts for all your senses!
The cuisine of Piedmont
Beef, white truffles, cheese of all shapes, chestnut honey, chocolate, beetroot mustard and hazelnuts are a few of the specialties. The inevitable bread stick grissini was baked for a king with a bad stomach. Excellent red wines in the form of Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Dolcetto are produced in the region, especially in the Langhe district. Recommended trips are to the south to Alba, Barolo and Bra where the Slow Food headquarters are located. Aperitifs like Vermouth, Carpano and martinis were invented in Piedmont - which is also a small place. There is much to discover when exploring the green hill landscapes.
Juventus Stadium and Museum
This is a must see for all football fans. You can choose between a visit to the stadium or the museum, or why not both? Tickets can be purchased at the Juventus Ticket Office.
Egyptian Museum of Turin
Solely dedicated to Egyptian Art, this museum is very much alike the one in Cairo. The collection is a result of many findings including the ones from the excavations in Egypt between the years of 1900 and 1935.
The Sandro Pertini International Airport is located in Torino Caselle about 15 kilometres from the city centre. The railway station is located a few metres from the airport. The train to 'GTT Dora Railway Station' takes approximately 19 minutes and runs from about 5am-11pm to the airport, and from about 5am-9.45pm from the airport. The trains depart every 30 minutes. +39 011 2165 352 www.gtt.to.it Buses to the city centre, Porta Nuova and Porta Susa railway stations, depart close to the departures hall and the journey takes about 45-50 minutes. The buses run from 5.15am-11pm to the airport and from 6.10am until midnight to the city from the airport. +39 011 3000 611 www.sadem.it The bus services to the Olympic Mountains of Susa and Chisone Valleys, with several stops enroute, run every Saturday and Sunday. +39 012 169 031 www.cavourese.it Taxis cost approximately €30-€50 to reach downtown Turin and the journey takes about 30 minutes. Beware of the queues during rush hour traffic. Pronto Taxi +39 011 57 37 Radio Taxi +39 011 57 30
Public Transport
It is the 'GTT' that manages the public transport network in Turin. This network consists of eight charming tram lines, two rail lines, one subway line and about 100 bus lines that cover the suburbs and the towns nearby. GTT also has a number of tourist services like the historic Superga rack tramway, boats on the river Po and City Sightseeing buses. You can buy different daily tickets and multi-day tickets from €3-€10. The fares for tourist services vary. You can buy the tickets from the vending machines or from newsagents, tobacconists and bars.
The two main taxi companies are Pronto Taxi and Radio Taxi. You recognize the taxis by their white or yellow colour. Passengers should make sure the metre is turned on. Radio Taxi +39 011 5730 www.radiotaxi.torino.it Pronto Taxi +39 011 5737 www.prontotaxi5737.it
There are many post offices around town. Main Post Office:
You can find many pharmacies, farmacias, around town. Look for pharmacies like Pharmaclick Punto Salute or Farmacia Monginevro. Farmacia Monginevro:
Country code: +39 Area code: 011
220 Volts/50 Hz. Italian plugs have three pins.
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