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Surrounded by mountains that make up part of the Dinaric Alps, and its heart and mix of Ottoman and Hapsburg cultures, the picturesque city of Sarajevo stakes its place as one of the finest cities in Europe. With its stunning natural setting, culturally diverse history, and modern vibrancy, Sarajevo is a city that will satisfy the desires of everyone from the rugged outdoors person to the cultured vulture.
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Do and see
If you’re feeling fit enough, climb up the hill to the old medieval town and the ruins of Jacje Castle, where you can gain great views over the city. Walking west along the main alleyway of Bascarsija, you will notice the architecture change as you move into Ferhadija Street and into the Austro-Hungarian influenced part of the city. Ferhadija St is the main pedestrian shopping street in Sarajevo. The streets running parallel to Ferhadija Street are Obala Kulina bana and Marsala Tita, where you will find many fine examples of the Austro-Hungarian legacy.
Tunnel Museum
The Sarajevo tunnel was constructed by the citizens during the siege that took place between 1992 and 1995. Serbian forces had entirely cut off the city and this tunnel served as a link between the neighbourhoods Dobrinja and Butmir. This enabled food and aid to come in, and people to get out.
Vrelo Bosne
Vrelo Bosne means "spring of Bosna", which gestures towards the location of this park. With its 270 km, River Bosna is the third largest river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vrelo Bosne is one of the country’s top natural landmarks and offers a stunning landscape perfect for trekking and relaxation.
National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Museum is a multi-discipline scientific and cultural institution, home to the 14th-century Jewish Haggadah - a handwritten, illuminated manuscript of the text of the Passover Haggadah. 34 pages of bleached calfskin illustrate key scenes in the Bible, from the creation to the death of Moses.
Sarajevo’s Religious Sites
The city is famous for its religious diversity, with adherents of Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism coexisting here for centuries. This is why Sarajevo is at times referred to as "Jerusalem of the Balkans", or "Jerusalem of Europe". Mosques, synagogues and cathedrals crowd the city.
Austro-Hungarian Sarajevo
The Austro-Hungarian Empire was a monarchic union that existed for 51 years and dissolved in 1918. The realm included Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with several other European countries. Explore the city’s Austro-Hungarian heritage, including the Presidential Palace and the Town Hall.
City Walking Tour
Take a guided tour via one of the many companies to get a real insight into the city's past and present through knowledgeable locals. Discover the major sights and monuments that stood through the most remarkable and defining events the rich history of this beautiful city. Insider City Tours & Excursions Zelenih Beretki 30, Sarajevo +387 61 190 591 www.sarajevoinsider.com Sarajevo Funky Tours +387 62 910 546 www.sarajevofunkytours.com
Hiking and Rafting Tours
In the area of Sarajevo there are excellent hiking and rafting tours available. To fully appreciate the beauty of the surrounding mountains and gorges, join one of the many tour groups departing daily. One of the operators is Green Visions Tours:
Sarajevo's historic downtown area, the Bascarsija, is a must-visit maze of winding alleys and wooden shop fronts. It contains some of the city's finest architectural monuments, along with a multitude of traditional cafés with outdoor seating. Look out for bargains on copper ware.
Sarajevo International Airport
The international airport lies 12 km from central Sarajevo, and the way to get to and from the airport is by pre-arranged hotel bus, minibus or taxi. The taxi stand is located near Terminal B. Journey time is approximately 20 minutes. It is possible to reach the city by public transport - a bus and trolleybus runs to and from the are of Dobrinja next to the airport. Exact schedules are, however, not available. Travellers are advised to enquire with the airport Information Desk.
Public Transport
Even if Sarajevo is a walkable city there are a lot of different kinds of public transport to choose from: trams, buses, trolley bus and mini buses. The Sarajevo tram system is an excellent way of getting around town. Trams run along the main East-West Rd (Marsala Tita) and circle the Old Town. The tram system also runs as far out as the suburb of Ilidza. The bus number 31E is the most efficient service and runs throughout the city every half hour until midnight. For travelling in the inner city of Sarajevo, trams, trolleys and buses are the best choice. If you want to go up in the hills or reach a specific destination a bit further out, the mini buses are recommended. You can buy tickets in kiosks or from the driver. When travelling on trams you have to validate the ticket in a machine on board the tram. When you buy the ticket from the driver he validates it for you. A single ticket is valid for one journey and doesn't have a time limit. There is also a daily ticket that is valid on all kinds of public transport (except bus line 31E).
You find taxi stands all over the city and you can hail one from the street. There are a lot of different taxi companies and some drivers overcharge when they notice you are a tourist. To avoid that, always check that the driver starts the meter before departure. Sarajevo Taxi +387 33 660 666 Žuti Taxi +387 33 663 555 Boss Taxi +387 33 531 200
Stamps can only be bought at post offices. The main post office in Sarajevo is also a tourist sight that shouldn't be missed. The beautiful building dates back to the early 20th century. You find it at:
In such a big city as Sarajevo there are plenty of pharmacies and they are easy to find. If you have to ask around, ask for 'apoteka'. There are a couple of them that are open 24 hours and one of them is Pharmacy Baščaršija:
Country code: +387 Area code: (0)33
220 V, 50 Hz
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