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Moscow is the city of contrasts, mixing the simple Bohemian and the glittering glamorous! Do not be surprised to find a church dating from the 16th century covered in gold next to a glass building from the 1990’s. Here, salty caviar is washed down with sweet “shampanskoye”. What represents this spirit better than Moscow’s underground railway? For a few roubles you can travel between stations decorated with chandeliers and marble.
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Do and see
Moscow might be one of the world's most exciting cities with a mishmash of the old and the new. You will definitely be able to fill your time here surrounded by history, art, culture and great food. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral, learn more about the Gulag and go for long walks in Gorky Park… Moscow certainly has many ways to enchant you.
The Armoury in The Kremlin
If you yearn for gold, velvet and precious stones, you must visit the Armoury. The treasures that have been collected over the centuries by the Russian tsars and princes can be found here. Some magnificent examples are the Fabergé egg and Catherine the Great’s coronation dress.
The Red Square and The Lenin Mausoleum
Enclosed by GUM, the Kremlin and Vasilij Cathedral, the Red Square stands proud. This is also the place where Lenin rests in his mausoleum. Since 1924 he has been as carefully guarded as he was embalmed.
St. Basil’s Cathedral
With its round, brilliantly coloured cupolas, St. Basil’s Cathedral truly looks like a fairy-tale castle. Ivan the Terrible had it built around 1550 in order to celebrate a victory over the Tartars. Today the cathedral is one of the world’s architectural wonders.
The Tretiakov Gallery
With its 62 halls and 100,000 paintings, the Tretiakov Gallery contains the world’s largest collection of Russian art. Fortunately, these are not all displayed together, but a few at a time.
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art is a paradise for those interested in art. Here Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art mingle with older works by Rembrandt and Botticelli.
Moscow Metro
Going on the metro in Moscow is an attraction in itself. The metro here is just beautiful with its architecture and majestic spaces. If you have to choose, two of the most beautiful stations to visit are "Komsomol'skaya" and "Kazan'skaya".
Izmaylovo Market
One of the most famous places in Moscow for buying souvenirs is at the Izmaylovo Market. Here you can find all the typical Russian souvenirs like matryoshka dolls and fur hats. The market is quite big, so make sure to have enough time and money when coming here.
Gorky Park
In the middle of Moscow you can find Gorky Park, named after the author Maxim Gorky. This park is located on the riverbank and is full of fun activities. Here you can find parkland, a sports centre, an open-air cinema and much more.
Airport - Sheremetyevo International Airport
The largest international airport in Moscow is Sheremetyevo International Airport. For domestic travel, and travels to countries within the former Soviet Union, there are four smaller airports. Sheremetyevo International Airport is located 30 kilometres from the centre. The easiest way to get here is by taxi. At the airport you can order taxis at the operator desk. You can usually book a taxi in advance through the hotel or travel agency when going to the airport. Alternatively, there are different bus routes. The buses take about 30-70 minutes depending on the route and your final destination. From the Belorussky Railway Station you can catch the train. There are free shuttle buses from the terminals that will take you to the station. The train takes 35 minutes.
Airport - Moscow Domodedovo Airport
Another large airport in Moscow is Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The airport is located 22 kilometres from the city. Taxis can be ordered at the domestic and international arrivals hall. You can also reach the airport from Domodedovskaya underground station by mini-bus or bus and from Paveletsky railway station by train. The train from Paveletsky railway station takes 40-50 minutes going on the Aeroexpress train, and 1 hour and 10 minutes on the commuter train. The express buses and shuttles from Domodedovskaya underground station take 25-30 minutes and leave every 15 minutes. The buses run from 6am-12am. There are more buses with several intermediate stops that take over 3 hours. At the airport there are car rental services.
Moscow has one of the world’s most beautiful underground railways. Furthermore, it operates quite efficiently. If you carry a big luggage on the metro, make sure you buy a special luggage ticket. Tickets can be bought at the stations. In addition, there are buses, trolley buses and trams. Tickets for these can be bought at kiosks in the street or from the driver and validated once aboard.
Buses and Trams
In Moscow there are also buses, trolley buses and trams apart from the beautiful metro. Tickets can be bought from the kiosks in the street or from the driver and validated once aboard.
In Moscow the easiest way to get a taxi is the traditional way: to stand in the street and hold out your arm. Civilian cars like to operate as taxis, it is therefore recommended to only use professional taxi services. Taxi meters are seldom used, so agree on a price before travelling. Welcome Taxi +7 499 922 06 74 www.welcometaxi.ru Taxi Martex:
There are many post offices around town. If you want to send a letter you can drop it of in one of the dark blue post boxes. Main Post Office:
Medical care may be very expensive if you do not have insurance. Hotels often have their own doctor, so start there if you need help. Pharmacy 36.6:
National code: +7 Area code: 495/499
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