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Golden domes and shimmering spires peek out from the wooded hills rising above the wide Dnipro River. Leafy-green Kiev, with its traffic-packed boulevards, shopping malls, countless churches, brilliant music and lively nightlife, has embraced capitalism, yet held firmly to its heritage. The Caves Monastery is the spiritual heart of Ukraine; nearby, a gigantic Brezhnev-era Motherland statue bearing sword and shield casts her all-encompassing eye over the city, the river, and its island beaches.
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Do and see
Walking along Kiev streets one can witness many eras collide - Soviet architecture alongside orthodox cathedrals and imperial palaces define the Ukrainian capital that has recently been shaken by quite a bit of political turmoil. Kiev has now embraced modernity and has a lot to offer - its eclectic art and cultural scene can keep busy for days on end, so make sure to plan your route ahead.
Independence Square
Seat of the Orange Revolution, Kiev’s big social heart has fountains, monuments and an underground shopping mall. This is the main square in Kiev where many concerts, performances and festivals take place.
Stalin Empire architecture and upmarket shops dominate this tree-lined boulevard, thronged at weekends when it’s closed to traffic. This is Kiev’s main artery, which stretches over one kilometer through a valley.
Kyiv Pechersk Lavra
The monastery was elected one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine in 2007. It is a historic pilgrimage place and UNESCO World Heritage Site housing amazing churches, museums and eerie monastery caves.
Andriyivsky Uzviz
Andriyivsky Uzviz means "Andrew’s Descent" and this picturesque, steep cobblestone hill is lined with souvenir sellers and artists. Historic landmarks are spread out along the descent, one example being the Castle of Richard Lionheart.
Saint Sophia's Cathedral
Stunning mosaics and frescoes adorn this 11th-century cathedral museum. It is, together with the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War
The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War is a great place to visit to get a profound understanding of Kiev´s history and the impact it has made on the country today. It has both an indoor section and a big outdoor section with monuments and statues.
St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery
St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery with its soaring domes, mosaics and memories lies on the Dnipro river bank. It was built in 1713 and has been added to as well as rebuilt and reconstructed several times since.
National Opera House of Ukraine
One of the oldest in all of the Ukraine, this historic Opera House invites you to an evening of Classic opera or ballet. The fabled mastery of its performance artists along with the stately ambiance of the building itself will make for a decidedly unique night out in Kiev. Prices are reasonable and the seating is good. Make sure to book in advance (popular shows tend to get sold out early).
Boryspil International Airport
The largest passenger airport in the Ukraine "Boryspil" is located 35 kilometers away from the city center. The easiest way to get here is by Sky Bus, which connects the airport with Kyiv's main railway station (via the "Kharkivska" metro station). The Sky Bus runs with 15 minute intervals during day time and 30-45 minutes apart at night; tickets may be purchased in terminals B and D or stright from the driver. The journey lasts about 50 minutes. Taxis are available for hire as well, make sure to agree on the price before departure. There is a free airport shuttle bus circulating along the following route: Terminal D - Hotel - Terminal B (Bus terminal) - Hotel - Terminal D. Several long-distance bus routes directly from the airport are offered by the companies "Gunsel", "Autolux" and "Ukrbus" - all normally run via the central bus station.
Public Transport
Public transport runs from 05.45 to 24.00, on trolleybuses, buses and the Metro. Mini-buses (shuttle buses), can stop anywhere along the route upon request. The fast, clean, and very deep Metro has three lines that are fairly easy to navigate - refer to the metro schemes available at all stations. You can also take a two-minute scenic ride on the funicular, from the river bank at Podil to the upper town behind St Mikhyil’s.
There are many different companies in town which you can choose from. Agree on the price before the journey begins to avoid being overcharged upon arrival. Blues +380 44 529 3000 Kiev City +380 44 502 0202 Alfa +380 44 227 7111
The Central Post Office is a tourist attraction of its own, so make sure to visit and possibly send a postcard or two to family and friends back home. Drop your mail off directly at the post office or use one of the yellow or blue post boxes scattered around the city, but make sure it says "outside Kiev" if you are sending international mail. Delivery might take a while, so turn to a private delivery service in case you are in a rush.
Most of the pharmacies are open until late (often 24/7) and have a good selection of locally made as well as imported medicine. Many prescription drugs are available over the counter in the Ukraine due to regulation differences.
Country code: +380 Area code: +44
220v, 50Hz
International Airport Kyiv Zhulyany
The main business aviation airport in the Ukraine, Kyiv Zhulyany is located only 8 kilometers to the South of the city centre. Because of its convenient location, getting here by public transport is easy and quite fast.
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