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In Casablanca you will find a heady mix of architecture treasures such as the great Hassan II Mosque, which glistens with gold in the sunshine, and the dusty Old Town. In this large, sprawling city full to the brim with people you will also find the bustling Ancienne Medina. Sitting on the Atlantic coast of Morocco it is the country’s largest city and Morocco’s, as well as North Africa’s, chief port. Cruise ships arrive daily to experience its frenetic lifestyle, its stylish restaurants, shopping, its fine food and its often overpowering atmosphere.
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Do and see
Casablanca today is a wonderful place to visit and one of the best ways to get the full impact of the city is to fly in from one of numerous European destinations and see the city from the air or to arrive by cruise ship. The city skyscape stretches to the horizon in all directions, from an aircraft window or from the deck of a ship. That is one of those memories that will remain forever.
Hassan II Mosque
This outstanding mosque stands on a promontory looking toward the Atlantic. It can accommodate over 100,000 worshippers inside and on its courtyard. Its minaret is 210 metres tall making it the tallest in the world and it has an amazing glass floor.
The Old Medina
The Old Medina is also called Old Town or Ancienne Medina. This is a labyrinth of tiny streets with tall, dusty buildings where bustling local life can be seen and a few curiosities purchased.
Cinéma Rialto
Cinéma Rialto dates all the way back to the 1930’s and is one of the most enchanting cinemas for watching a film. The Art Deco-style is beautiful and the cinema seems to have been taken straight out of the film Casablanca.
Cathédrale du Sacré Coeur
Featuring elaborate Moroccan and European architectural styles, Cathédrale du Sacré Coeur is one of the landmark buildings in Casablanca. The cathedral has functioned both as a school and a theatre.
Villa Des Arts
Villa Des Arts is a sprawling exhibition centre that displays both contemporary pieces of art as well as traditional Moroccan artefacts. You can find this exhibition centre near Parc de la Ligue Arabe.
Place Mohammed V
Place Mohammed V is a large sprawling square that can be found in the heart of Casablanca. This is one of the best places to watch every day Moroccan life from one of the lovely outdoor cafés.
Central Market
The Central Market is a bustling market well worth a visit when you are in Casablanca. Visiting this market is truly an experience even you if are not buying anything from the vast selection of fruit and vegetables found here.
Museum of Moroccan Judaism
At the Museum of Moroccan Judaism you can learn about the Jews in Morocco and their history and see many artefacts. Note that this place can be hard to find if you do not know where it is.
Mohammed V International Airport
Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport is located around 30 kilometres from the city centre. The airport has frequent connections to Paris, New York, Dubai and Frankfurt. You can easily reach the city centre by train and car hire companies. The taxis are stationed outside and trains can be found on the lower level of the airport.
Buses and trains
CTM intercity buses run to most towns in Morocco. There are plenty of routes and they leave from Gare Routière on Rue Léon l'Africain in the centre of the city. You can also travel by train to reach other parts of Morocco. If you want to catch a train you must head to Gare du Port. www.oncf.ma
In December 2012 the tram in Casablanca opened. The tram has 49 stops and links the main neighbourhoods of the city. The trams run from 5.30am-10.30pm. You can buy one-way ticket, rechargeable ticket which can be used 10 times or a card that can be used for 5 years. Tickets can be bought in ticket machines, agents and retailers.
Grand and Petit taxis are available throughout the city at various spots, especially around the main squares and the Gare du Port. They are generally inexpensive and often quicker than buses. Look for red taxis (Petit) or white taxis (Grand). Shared taxis can be a good idea for longer distances. Appel Taxis:
Place Mohammed V is Casablanca's main square. This is where you will find the main post office. Main Post Office:
When in Casablanca you should be careful with what you drink and eat. Make sure you drink bottled water (not tap water) and that all food you eat is properly cooked. Pharmacies are generally open in the morning until lunch and in the afternoons. There are several pharmacies scattered around town.
Country code: +212 Area code: 22
220 V, 50 Hz. Generally two-hole sockets. Adapters required.
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