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Toulouse can only be evoked with emotion and excitement. The city seduces and amazes the visitor with its cultural dynamism and its youth shining a new light over an otherwise traditional and typically French town. It resolutely is a charming and vibrant city, where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a certain nonchalance, while following the river from one activity to the other. Tinted in pink and lighten up by the Southern sun, Toulouse is a true gem in the French province.

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Let's Visit Airbus
Allée André Turcat, Blagnac

For a really exceptional visit, head to the Lagardère site, 10 km from Toulouse, and learn everything there is to know about how a plane is built, how a plane functions and how it is tested. Several tours are organised on different themes: discovery experience, panoramic visit and green tour.

Basilique St-Sernin
Place Saint-Sernin, Toulouse

Europe’s largest Romanesque church contains the tomb of Saint Sernin, a martyr and bishop who helped spread Christianity in Toulouse. Registered in the Unesco World Heritage, the St-Sernin Basilic is worth a visit and its impressive ceilings and marbles are the testimony of a long and prestigious past, marked by its major role in pilgrimage.

Bistrot Le Van Gogh
21 Place St Georges, Toulouse

This Bistrot is a fine classic where to enjoy French cuisine with no fuss and local specialties are offered on the menu such as Foie gras and cassoulets. Try out a French wine to accompanied your dinner and end the dining experience with a mouth-watering dessert like the violet cheese cake.

Jardin de l’Opera
1 Place Capitole, Toulouse

This gourmet restaurant deserves its Michelin star and offers a variety of tastes right in the centre of the city. The consistent high quality meals are carefully prepared with top quality ingredients with finesse and expertise by the knowledgeable chefs.

The Cristal Market
33 Boulevard de Strasbourg, Toulouse

Marché Cristal is a bustling outdoor market featuring a wide variety of farm-fresh goods including fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, and delicious rotisserie chicken. You'll find plenty of locals shopping here for their daily or weekly needs. The market is open every day except for Mondays.

Rue de Rome
Rue de Rome, Toulouse

Rue de Rome is probably best known for shopping, in fact, it is THE shopping street in Toulouse, where you can find mostly shoe stores and clothing retailers but also a few designer shops, second-hand gems, and a few odd but intriguing little boutiques.

Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport
Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac, Blagnac

The Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport is approximately 8km north-west of the city centre. Transports to and from the airport: An airport shuttle connects the Airport to the city in about 20 minutes depending on the traffic, everyday (except the 1st of May): -Airport > Toulouse : between 5:30am and 0:15am -Toulouse > Airport : between 5:00am and 9:20pm Tickets can be purchased at the bus station or in any TISSEO agency. Other buses: Number 30 : Fenouillet Centre Commercial - Toulouse-Blagnac Airport Number 88 : Grenade, Ondes, Merville, Seilh, Beauzelle, Blagnac, Toulouse. Tram: Line T2 - Airport Station every 15 minutes. Taxis are available at the ground floor of the airport and can be pre-ordered on this number : +33 5 61 30 02 54.

Public Transport

Toulouse has a strong network of buses, completed by two metro lines (A & B) and two trams (T1 & T2). Metros function until 12am from Sunday to Thursday and until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. All additional information can be found on the Tisseo Agency website. In the center however, you can easily walk from one point to another.

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