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Sofia could be likened to a Sleeping Beauty rousing from her slumbers, reawakening to share her charm with the rest of the world. With relics from Roman times to the Soviet era, a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene, and breathtaking views of the Vitosha mountain massif, Sofia is ready to reclaim her rightful place as one of the leading lights on the European sky.

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Aleksandar Nevski Memorial Church
Aleksander Nevski Square, Sofia

This is the most popular tourist attraction in Sofia. The beautiful orthodox cathedral was built in 1912 and took 30 years to complete. The cathedral was created in honor of the Russians soldiers that died in the Russo-Turkish war and holds up to 10,000 people.

Russian Church of St Nicholas
3 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia

This gorgeous Russian Orthodox church is located in central Sofia. It was built by Russia after the liberation of Bulgaria. The grave of Saint Archbishop Seraphim is located under the main floor - believers still visit for pilgrimages, leaving notes with wishes and prayers.

Dream House
50A Alabin Street, Sofia

For a great selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, head to the Dream House restaurant. It specializes in meat-free cooking, and caters to those who follow a gluten-free diet. Dishes are inventive and flavorful, and the prices very affordable for the quality.

1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia

If you want to get the full Bulgarian experience, visit this authentic restaurant which fuses local cuisine and performing arts together to offer guests a unique evening of entertainment. Acquaint yourself with Bulgarian culinary traditions and enjoy a show put on by guest dancers and musicians.

Paradise Center
100 Cherni Vrah, Sofia

The mall is located some 4 km outside of the city center, but is now reachable by metro, which has made it much more accessible to the public. Inside a range of international brands are represented. An amusement park with several thrill rides operates on the rooftop, and there is a 4D cinema inside.

Zhenski Pazar (Women’s market)
Stefan Stambolov Blvd., Sofia

The so-called "Women’s Market" on Stefan Stambolov Boulevard is probably the most popular market in Sofia that sells all manner of goods - and not women's items alone. There is a large variety of fruit, vegetables, cheese and other edible delights to be had.

Sofia International Airport
Sofia International Airport, Sofia

Sofia International Airport is located 10 kilometres away from Sofia city. There are shuttles running between the two terminals every 30 minutes. There are two bus lines, 84 and 384, that run between Sofia Airport and they city centre. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes and tickets can be bought in newspaper kiosks (or the ticket machine in Terminal 1). Metro line 1 runs directly to the airport. Change to line 2 to reach all major central districts of Sofia, as well as the central railway station. Journey time is about 30 minutes. Taxis and car rental companies are available for hire at the airport.

Public Transport

Sofia has a network of public transport options that will enable the visitor to easily get around the city and its surrounding suburbs. The fastest and most convenient way to travel from one point to another is by metro. The two lines cross at the Serdika station. Tickets are sold in machines at the entrance to each metro station. There is also a network of buses and trams that run around the city. Tickets for those can be bought in advance or directly inside, in which case the ticket ws valid for that particular vehicle. Urban Mobility Centre +35 9700 13233 www.sofiatraffic.bg Bulgarian State Railways +35 9700 10200 www.bdz.bg

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