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Built anew after the war, the capital of Belarus is a city embracing its own unique brand of modernity. A metropolis of nearly 2 million, Minsk is where nostalgia of Stalinist buildings and Soviet parks meets contemporary art galleries, stylish bars and excellent local eateries.

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Old Town
Troitskoe Predmestiye, Minsk

The Old Town sits on the eastern side of the Svislach River, bordered by Vul Maxima Bahdanovicha. Known as Troitskoe Predmestiye, or “Trinity Suburb”, the Old Town is not really that old. The original 17th and 18th century houses were recreated in the 1980’s. However, it’s a delightful place to walk around in. You can relax in quaint cafés or browse through the souvenir shops.

Mound of Glory
Smolevichi District, Belarus

The memorial sits on the Minsk-Moscow highway, a 30 minute car ride from Minsk. The monument itself was built in 1969, 25 years after the liberation of Belarus from the Germans, to honour the soldiers that fought against the Nazis in World War II and those who lost their lives. The view from the top of the hill makes the climb worthwhile.

Pan Khmelyu
Internatsionalnaya 11, Minsk

Pan Khmelyu is one of the most popular upscale restaurants in town, often visited by locals to celebrate special occasions. Here you can enjoy giant portions of traditional Belarusian dishes complemented by live bands and other entertainment. Open until 4am.

Nezavisimosti 16, Minsk

If cheap local eats are what you're after, try one of this establishment's locations across town. The menu is extensive and features great value deals on traditional Belarusian and Eastern European dishes. Serves soups, mains, snacks, and even dessert.

Komarovskiy Market
V.Khorunzhey 8, Minsk

Minsk's largest food market, Komarovskiy is where locals head to stock up on fresh, locally-sourced produce. It's an experience even if you don't plan to buy, although prepare to be tempted - what better place to try the infamous local specialty called "salo" (cured animal fat), or purchase excellent quality honey.

Minsk International Airport

The country's main international airport is located at a distance of 42 km from the city. Reaching the city centre is possible via public transport - buses 300Э and 173Э and shuttles 400-ТК and 1430-ТК all circulate between the city center and the airport. Tickets may be purchased at vending machines and/or from the driver directly. Journey time is estimated at 1 hour approximately. You can also easily get a taxi from outside the arrivals hall.

Passport / Visa

As of 2017, visa-free entry via the Minsk National Airport has been introduced for citizens of multiple world countries. The visa-free period has recently been extended from 5 days to 30; if your stay will last longer than 5 working days, you will also need to register with local authorities and pay a small registration fee. In order to make use of visa-free entry, travelers must arrive and exit solely through the Minsk National Airport (no border crossing by car or train allowed). This does not apply to flights to and from Russia: those crossing the border from or into Russia will need to obtain a visa in advance. Those eligible for the 30-days visa include all nationals of the European Union and further European countries, as well as the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many others. For longer stays a visa will most definitely be required. To learn more about different types of visas and supporting documents for each type, visit:

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