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Holiday-geared Hammamet has long attracted international vacationers, a fact to which the glorious decades-old Yasmine resort complex serves as testament. The town itself offers just the right dose of thrills to culture enthusiasts looking to break the lethargy of an all-inclusive respite with some sightseeing and shopping – all within the ancient walls of a cream-colored, low-rise Medina.

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Medina de Hammamet, Hammamet

The historic Medina is one of the city's simply unmissable sites - thick walls around it used to contain the settlement preceding that of modern Hammamet (up until late 19th century); today its windy narrow alleys and souqs are packed with ample shopping and dining spots.

Yasmine Hammamet
Yasmine Hammamet, Nabeul

Yasmine is a gargantuan resort complex just outside Hammamet proper. As of today, Yasmine amounts to a miniature city with a Medina of its own and various facilities such as markets, hotels, entertainment centers, and a waterside promenade - all of it covering an area of nearly 300 hectares.

Le Barberousse
Kasbah, Hammamet

Tremendously popular with local and international diners, Le Barberousse is another restaurant set directly on the Medina ramparts. Views from here are superb, and the menu doesn't fall far behind, listing a wide assortment of fresh fish and seafood dishes.

La Belle Vue
Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Hammamet

La Belle Vue is a decent quality eatery serving a pleasant selection of local and international dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant's name does not betray expectation - views from here unfold over the Hammamet beach with a line-up of scenic boats, with the setting sun as backdrop.

Medina, Hammamet

The maze of Medina's streets is dotted with shops and stores selling all manner of items, from authentic clothing to local art and crafts (ceramic goods, ornate rugs, leather items, and even edible delicacies). Haggling is often expected, but only start if your intention is buying.

Costa Mall
Boulevard El Medina, Yasmine Hammamet

Those in search for a hassle-free shopping experience will have found the right address here, at Costa - a fixed-price store (rather than a mall) that eliminates need for haggling. Items on sale range from local souvenirs to clothing, accessories, food, and spices.


Hammamet may be reached via two different airports, both located at approximately the same distance from town (about an hour's drive away). Buses to Tunis-Carthage Airport run three times daily, departing form and arriving to the central bus station on Avenue Habib Thamaeur. The newly opened Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport is best reached via privately arranged transfer (these can be pre-booked in preparation for your trip). Both airports have taxi stands, cabs may be hired upon arrival.

Public Transport

Buses to various destinations depart from bus stops along the main avenue of Yasmine Hammamet (the main stop is directly outside the Yasmine Medina). Tickets may be purchased on board. Another local means of transportation is a so-called "louage" - a smaller, fixed-fare mini-bus (white in color with red stripes on the sides). To take one of those to Tunis, go to Place Pasteur. For other destinations (Kairouan and Sousse), you will need to head out to Barrak-es-Sahil - a couple of km north of town.

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