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Baghdad remains a vibrant and colorful city, despite the hardships of recent times. The locals have refused to give in to the conflicts and violence and do everything in their power to make sure their beloved city remains bustling with life, courage, personality and optimism. With all this in mind, risks and dangers remain ever-present, and leisure travel is highly advised against by most world governments for the time being.

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Iraqi Museum
National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad

The Iraqi Museum is dedicated to the history of Iraq and the peoples that have inhabited its territory throughout the centuries. The collections include Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian artefacts dated back as far as 7,000 years, although, unfortunately, many were lost during the looting that took place during the early days of the war in 2003.

Monument to the Unknown Soldier
Baghdad Monument, Baghdad

Located in the Great Celebration square, this imposing monument represents a traditional Iraqi shield (called a dira'a) being dropped by the loosening hand of a dying soldier, and it is meant to commemorate all the men who fought and died for their country in the Iran-Iraq war.

Saj Al-Reef Restaurant
Al Wathiq Square, 62 St, Baghdad

Saj Al-Reef, as the name reflects, uses Saj (a bread-type dough placed on a domed metal griddle and baked over a wood fire) as a main ingredient in many of its dishes, being a healthier alternative to regular bread. Over time other influences have been adopted and the menu now includes Saj sandwiches, Mexican dishes, Indian and other ethnic foods.

Restaurant Beeston Samad
Al Mansur St, Baghdad

Samad Restaurant is a local favourite, its throngs of loyal patrons flooding their four locations daily and warranting the opening of a new location in Dubai. The menu consists of oriental, Iraqi, Kurdish and Western cuisines. The prices might be higher than most other options in the area, but they merely reflect the quality of the food.

Souqs and Bazaars
Rashid Street, Baghdad

Most of Baghdad's traditional marketplaces are to be found off Rashid Street, in the area between Shuhada and Ahrar Bridges. Stroll through the Coppersmith Souq to marvel at ornate copper pots of all shapes and sizes, and stop by the busy marketplace of Shorjah on the other side of Rashid Street to savor the air of a traditional Oriental bazaar.

Mutanabbi Street
Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad

Hailed as the heart of Baghdad's intellectual life, Mutanabbi Street (named in honor of a celebrated 10th century Iraqi poet Al-Mutanabbi) has historically been home to multiple bookshops, outdoor book stalls and book vendors - many of these are still in operation today.

Baghdad International Airport
Baghdad, Iraq

The Baghdad International Airport is located 16km away from downtown Baghdad. It is the country's largest air hub, and home base for the national airline (Iraqi Airways). Connections are available to destinations worldwide. Unless a private transfer has been pre-arranged, the only way of getting to the city/International Zone is by taxi (available at the airport).

Public Transport

Transportation within Baghdad is mostly pre-arranged; main means of transport for visitors include helicopters and armored cars/buses. There is a functioning metro in Baghdad and a public bus system (these are, however, unreliable and not recommended for use during short trips to the area).

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