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Singapore is an Asian melting pot of fascinating crossroad between East and West. Here the hypermodern buildings of the financial district blend with Chinatown’s classic small houses. As an old trading town, Singapore is the natural place for anyone who wants to shop – the range is enormous. In addition, Singapore offers a cuisine with influences from all corners of Asia that exceeds the highest expectations.
Stockholm Arlanda - Singapore
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Trick Eye Museum

This is a museum like no other. Trick Eye is short for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With that, 2D paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings appear to pop out of the surface and come to life. Visitors are more than welcome to explore the various themed galleries with their eyes, hands and even cameras. Step inside the paintings to complete a visual narrative with your creative poses, and watch a “tricky” story unfold before your camera. At Trick Eye Museum, you’ll be creating unforgettable memories with friends and family amid fun and laughter, with a dash of educational and cultural enrichment. Get ready to let your imagination march into a miraculous dimension of original 3D artworks.

26 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore
Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a so called “open zoo” and it is a world famous zoological garden with 315 animal species, of which approximately 60 are endangered. You can find all the big cats here: lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard and puma, also rare white tigers. If you want to, you can meet orangutans face-to-face. Most of the animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors by dry or wet moats. Dangerous animals are housed in landscaped glass-fronted enclosures. The park also offers an exciting night safari.

80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore
Changi - Airport

The airport in Singapore is called Changi and like everything else in the city, it is a miracle of efficiency. All services are provided locally and it is recognised as one of the best airports in the world. Both its terminals are linked by a skytrain which operates both at the transit and public areas and Terminal 3. Obviously, the shopping is high class here as well. Transportation to and from the city is excellent as the end station of one of the routes on the MRT tube is at the airport. The tube is also the cheapest and fastest way to the city. A taxi to the city takes around 30 minutes. Budget transport to the city and other parts of the island can also be by bus or by train. Terminals are located at the basement of Terminals 1 and 2. Prepare the exact fare for buses as no change will be given. If you choose to go by train, you would have to switch trains at EW4 - Tanah Merah MRT Station to get downtown. A Ground Transport Centre (GTC) is available at the Arrival Hall of both Terminals. For more details on time tables and fares, pick up a copy of the MRT brochure at the Changi Airport MRT Station.

Airport Boulevard, Singapore
Public Transport

The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) tube with its driver-free trains is the artery of Singapore’s local transport. The network comprises three main lines which link up the city. The train runs from early in the morning until midnight and it is clean, fast and very safe. Tickets and different types of reduced rate tickets can be bought at all stations. Singapore also has an extensive network of buses that cover local transport in areas to which MRT does not go. Buses are cheap and proportionately comfortable. There are buses both with and without air conditioning. In both cases, you save money by buying a bus ticket.