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Rhodes, the pearl of Mediterranean, is a cosmopolitan island, combining unique natural beauty, archaeological wealth, great beaches and intensive nightlife. It’s a place for everyone: youthful and family friendly, romantic and modern. That’s why Rhodes is one of the world’s top tourist destinations!

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The Palace of the Grand Master

The palace and fortress dominates the Old Town. It was destroyed in 1856 and rebuilt in 1939. Floors are covered with ancient mosaics and there is an interesting collection of 16th and 17th-century Western furniture.

Ippoton, Rhodes
Valley of the Butterflies

More than 600,000 Greeks and foreigners visit the place to admire the unique "show of the nature!" The butterflies are gathered in their thousands from July to September in search of coolness and humidity. In the morning you see hundreds of them clustered together on the branches. The Valley is located 26 km away from the town centre.

Notio Aigaio, Rhodes

Tamam is a very impressive place with fantastic atmosphere, located in Old Town. They have soothing private dining rooms, a touch of oriental decor and delicious Greek and international cuisine.

Leontos Georgiou 1, Rhodes
Alexis 4 Seasons

Alexis 4 Seasons one of the most well-known fish restaurants on the island, located in the Old Town of Rhodes. It offers a wide choice of seafood-dishes and shellfish. You have to try the grilled octopus, cooked in its ink!

33 Aristotelous, Rhodes
Greca Natural Products

At Greca Natural Products you can find all natural products that you have been looking for. Take home a bit of Greece in your bag with olive oil, olives, pate, honey of different flavours, Chios mastic products and homemade jams.

78-80 Socrates,Old Town, Rhodes

Welcome to one of the largest retailers of women's fashion in Greece. At Raxevsky you will find a personal look for every occasion with fun and colourful designs.

Amerikis 85, Rhodes

Rhodes International Airport

The international airport of Rhodes "Diagoras" is 16 km from the centre of the town, near the village Paradhissi. You can get the local bus to get to the town. The last bus leaves from the airport at 23:30. You can also get a taxi, the cost will depend on the time, the traffic and the number of luggage you are carrying.

Diagoras, Rhodes

Public Transport

The island has a really well-established bus network connecting all the villages with the town, so it’s not necessary to rent a car. A motorbike will be better and faster.