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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a young, vibrant city bursting with energy. This is obvious to anyone standing on the pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, looking out over Hong Kong’s impressive skyline of skyscrapers. Furthermore, this is a city that has managed to make an art of squeezing seven million people together in an area of 1.000 square kilometers. With its tropical climate, beautiful landscapes, energetic nightlife and fantastic food, Hong Kong is a traveler's paradise. 25 million people come here each year to experience a city unlike any other in the world.
Stockholm Arlanda - Hong Kong
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Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is one of the popular places in Hong Kong. The old Hong Kong residents prayed for the God of Literature "Man" and the God of War "Mo" and this tradition has been retained until now. You can go to the altar to collect a box of prophecy stick. Shake the box until one of the sticks falls out – then go to one of the fortune-teller stalls and get to know your future.

124-126 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Museum of History

This museum narrates the history of Hong Kong. Go through the eight rooms that range from prehistoric times to the hand-over to China in 1997. Here you can see everything from traditional Chinese clothes and an old reconstructed street from 1881 to toys from the 1970s.

100 Chatham Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s airport was previously in the city centre and it was an experience to fly in among the skyscrapers. But the new airport is still a major sight. Feted as one of the most ambitious engineering projects ever, this large airport really is proof that the construction of an airport is a prestige project and a work of art, too. The British architect, Sir Norman Foster, has described the building as homage to travellers in modern times. The new high-tech airport lies a little way outside Hong Kong, but the Airport Express leaves every twelve minutes from 5.50 - 24.48 and takes you downtown in 24 minutes. A number of public buses also take you into the city. At the airport there is also an Airport Ambassador Programme and a Costumer Service Centre you can turn to for more information and help.

Public Transport

The clean and modern MTR, the tube, is often the quickest way to get around. A smart way is to buy an Octopus Card which can be used on most of the local buses, trains, trams, and ferries. You can buy the Octopus Card at any MTR Customer Service Centre and Airport Express Customer Service Centre. You can reload the card at any convenience store, supermarket, or Add Value Machine at the station. If you do not want it as a souvenir, return it to the centre and get the refundable deposit. You can also buy a one-day card on MTR, or a Airport Express Travel Pass for any 3 consecutive days of unlimited rides on the MTR with Airport Express. The bus fare depends on how far you travel, but remember that you need the exact amount or an Octopus Card to pay. There is also a small minibus which is a mix of taxi and bus and takes slightly longer but might take you closer to where you want to go. Trams are also a pleasant way to get around.