Many people say that Faro – the capital of the Algarve – is located on Europe’s most scenic coast, offering beautiful, long sandy beaches that stretch away into a horizon framed by rocks on either side. Faro is a charming old town with cobbled streets and leafy parks. Its location in the centre of the Algarve makes Faro the perfect starting point for day-trips and extensive exploration of this wonderful region.

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Museu Municipal

Museu Municipal, also called Museu Arqueológico, contains mainly archaeological finds. Located in the former Nossa Senhora da Assunção monastery inside the ring-wall, the gardens date from 1540 with beautiful, two-storey cloisters which form the heart of the museum. Among the most remarkable items is a Roman floor mosaic from the 4th-century with the head of the Roman god Neptune in exquisite detail.

Praça Dom Afonso III, Faro
Faro Cathedral

From the outside, Faro’s cathedral is low and squat, a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque as a result of protracted renovations and additions following the devastation of war and natural catastrophes. The interior is equally mixed but with interesting features, including a large organ from the 18th-century with Chinoiserie decoration.

Largo da Sé, Faro
Dois Irmãos

Dois Irmãos has a long history as one of Faro’s best and most popular fish restaurants. Founded in 1925, it is a Faro institution. They serve traditional local cuisine prepared using modern methods, focusing mainly on seafood, but the menu also features fantastic meat dishes.

Praça Ferreira de Almeida 13-14, Faro

Taska has a high proportion of local customers and a simple pub environment. The food is traditional Portuguese, with emphasis on seafood. Try the classic carne de porco com ameijoas, pork with cockles, or something more unusual like eel or whitebait.

Rua do Alportel 38, Faro
Mercado Municipal

This is Faro’s large fresh produce market. It is open until quite late and is a perfect place for familiarising yourself with the local food culture. It is housed in an impressive and modern building, and makes for a great afternoon of shopping, perusing and people-watching.

Largo Doutor Francisco Sa Carneiro, Faro
Forum Algarve

Forum Algarve is just outside the centre of Faro, on the EN125 in the direction of the airport. This is one of the town's premier shopping centres, and as such it is very tasteful and pleasant, with a long inner open-air courtyard. Find shops, restaurants, and more.

Estrada Nacional 125, km 103, Faro


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Faro International Airport

Faro’s international airport is located six kilometres to the west of the city, right by the sea. Buses 14 and 16 depart regularly for the centre of Faro, and the trip takes approximately 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket directly from the driver, but remember that it is good to have some small notes or the exact amount of money. A taxi ride takes just under fifteen minutes.