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The low-rise Gambian capital might not be as advanced of a visitor hub as one would, perhaps, expect from a city of such national significance, but it certainly boasts some raw appeal contained within its pulsating and – at times – rather hectic streets. Beyond Banjul proper lies the sprawling Serekunda – Gambia's most populous area – and the vacationer-favoured coastal settlements of Kololi, Bakau, Koto and Fajara.
Stockholm Arlanda - Banjul
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Arch 22

Built to commemorate the coup of 1994, the unmissable cream-colored structure is a great vantage point from which to take in Banjul in its entirety. There is a small museum on its second floor, containing traditional Gambian crafts, artwork, clothing, and even historic weaponry.

Albert Market

The busy market is one of Banjul's primary attractions, a vibrant kaleidoscope of multi-colored peppers, all manner of foodstuffs (from rather standard fruit and vegetables to salted fish and even dried sea snails), fabrics, jewellery, and beauty products such as wonder-working shea butter.

Russel St, Banjul
Banjul International Airport

If no pre-arranged transfer awaits you upon arrival, use one of the car hire or taxi companies available at the airport. Taxi fares to most resorts and nearby locations are fixed. The distance between the airport and Banjul is approximately 20km.

Public Transport

There are a few ways visitors to Gambia may choose to get around. These include green tourist taxis, regular yellow taxis for longer distances, rickshaw (a budget option for those in no rush), and even quad bike rentals. All of the above are readily available in coastal resort areas and next to major hotels. Inexpensive ferry transfers across the River Gambia and to nearby islands are available, and so are smaller (manned) boats for hire.