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With approximately 340 days of sunshine a year and six kilometres of soft white sand beaches, Agadir is Morocco’s premiere beach resort. Nestled among the verdant valleys of the Great Souss and with the majestic range of the Anti-Atlas rearing up behind it, this modern, cosmopolitan city has all the attendant pleasures, thrills and luxuries you could ask for.
Stockholm Arlanda - Agadir
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Agadir Beach

Agadir’s top attraction is the six-mile crescent shaped beach. There are many places in Agadir that are well suited for surfing, like Devil's rock, Imesouane bay and Ankhor point. If you are interested in learning to surf, there are a number of schools and camps to help you get started.

Devils Rock, Agadir

Built in 1540, all that remains of the old Kasbah are the fortified walls, however, the trip up the hill to this historic site is worth it for the view alone. Engraved into the hill in Arabic are the words God, King and Country. The Moroccans are prohibited to speak anything bad about any of these three things. If you are interested in history you can easily find a professional guide here to take you on a tour.

Kasbah, Agadir
Al-Massira Airport

Al-Massira Airport is located 28 km from the city centre. To get to and from the airport you can take bus or taxi. Local bus number 22 goes from the airport to Inezgane, a suburb to Agadir, The last bus leaves at 20.30. From Inezgane to Agadir city centre you can take bus number 20, 24 or 28. If you would rather take a shared taxi it will cost you about the same. A taxi from the airport to Agadir takes about 20 minutes. It is also possible to hire a vehicle from any of the car rental agencies at the airport.

Al-Massira Airport, Agadir
Public Transport

The central parts of Agadir are walk-able, but if you get tired, there are plenty of local buses to take you to nearby beaches or suburbs of the city. Remember to have coins to pay the ticket since the driver doesn't carry a lot of change. The fare is 5-10 Dirhams. The main local bus station is located next to the main grand taxi rank at the south end of Rue de Fes, approx. 20 minutes drive from the city centre. It is very usual to arrive at Inezgane though, which is the bus hub of the region.

Rue de Fes, Agadir