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Get the best travel tips with The Local’s Guide

Would you like tips and inspiration from people who really know the place you’re travelling to? Use the mobile website The Local’s Guide – the ultimate travel guide created by people who live their everyday lives in your destination city.

Get the best travel tips with The Local’s Guide

Now you have the opportunity to get to know the city you’re travelling to – because, after all, it’s the locals who know best about which restaurants, museums, cafés and shops are most worth visiting.

Live updates right in your mobile

The Local’s Guide is a mobile website that collects and displays Instagram updates from ten different cities around the world in real time and lets you create your own guide based on the pictures. You click on your destination, check out the Instagram feed and select the pictures that best suit you.
If you then want to download your favourites as a PDF, you avoid high mobile costs when you’re abroad – the perfect start to your trip while you wait at the gate for your departure.

This is The Local’s Guide

The Local’s Guide is a mobile website, specially designed to be used on your mobile. You don’t need your own Instagram account to access tips about your destination.

How to do it:

  • Go to arlandaairport.se/localsguide on your mobile
  • Select your destination
  • Look for the best tips from people who live in the city you’re travelling to. You also get a map that shows all the places
  • Save it as a PDF
  • Done! Get the PDF once you’ve landed and you’re ready to explore your city.