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Wedding day before departure

Are you getting married and have an early flight to catch for your honeymoon? Get married at Arlanda the day before your flight, and spend the night at a hotel nearby.

At Arlanda, you can get married the day before your trip if you have an early flight the next morning. This way, you can get married without any stress and then relax with our VIP service.

You can get married in a church or civil ceremony at Airport VIP Service. You make your own arrangements for the wedding officiant or minister. No matter what you choose, you can be sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

The ceremony is held in the Airport VIP Service premises in Terminal 5. After the ceremony, you have access to a private VIP lounge for one hour. A VIP coordinator takes care of you both and makes sure you are comfortable.

Wedding package with ceremony the day before travelling

Price SEK 3,900 (for two people), and includes:

  • One hour in a private VIP lounge for the bridal couple and up to seven other people
  • A bottle of Bollinger champagne (75 cl), luxorius chocolate or non-alcoholic alternative

Optional extras:

  • Champagne package: SEK 400 for each additional guest
  • Children’s package: SEK 65 for each child including non-alcoholic bubbly and chocolate


There are several hotels at Arlanda and its surrounding area. Note that hotel overnights are not included in the price.

The prices above include VAT and apply during regular opening hours.