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Weddings at Arlanda - how it works

All information before a wedding at Arlanda.

You can have a church or civil wedding ceremony with Airport VIP Services. To have a church wedding, one of you must belong to the Church of Sweden. A wedding ceremony representing a religion other than Christianity is of course also possible. Regardless of what you choose, you can be sure to have a memory for life.

How to book

Once you have decided to have your wedding at Arlanda, we recommend that you contact VIP Services first to check whether there is a lounge available for your ceremony. You then contact the person who will perform your ceremony, and finally send us a booking request or contact us directly.

Registrar or priest

You are responsible for booking a civil registrar or priest for your ceremony. You are free to book and use whichever registrar or priest you wish at the ceremony. You can also contact priests and civil registrars here at Arlanda.
Civil registrar or priest

Accompanying guests

Friends and family are of course welcome to attend the ceremony. If check-in assistance is also required for accompanying guests, this can be arranged at an extra fee. Note that the lounge can accommodate up to seven guests (the marriage witnesses inclusive). If you choose to have a completely private wedding ceremony, we can arrange the marriage witnesses.

Peripheral services

You can order food and drink in addition to what is already included. You can also book a visit to the hairdresser, get help with special parking privileges, and more.

Peripheral services 

When you arrive at Arlanda

A representative from Airport VIP Services greets you at an agreed meeting place at Arlanda.

If you travel the same day as the ceremony, VIP Services help you with baggage, tickets, passports, check-in and other practical details. This applies to the bridal couple and any accompanying children (up to and including 12 years). Children over 12 years are charged extra.

The conversation between the bridal couple and the person performing the ceremony take place in one of our VIP lounges. If you wish to propose a toast or have something light to eat, this is served in the same lounge. The marriage ceremony takes place in one of the VIP lounges or in the control tower depending on what you have chosen.

Opening hours

Monday–Friday 07:00–22:00
Saturday–Sunday 08:00–20:00
Holidays 08:00–17:00


Payment occurs by debit card on site. The cost of the actual ceremony is paid to the person performing the ceremony, by agreement.