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Give someone a special reception

Welcome your friends or long-distance guests directly at the gate and take a seat in your VIP lounge whilst we take care of all the practical details.

VIP services when arriving to Stockholm Arlanda Airport include:

  • In the company of one of VIP coordinators you meet your friends or guests directly at the gate when they step off the airplane.
  • Within a few minutes, you are sitting comfortably in a VIP lounge, whilst the  coordinator takes care of passport and customs formalities. Lighter refreshments are included, but it is possible to order more food and drink if desired.
  • Baggage is collected and transported to the VIP lounge
  • If you would to stay longer for a meeting or celebration, a specific room can be organised for you (VIP lounge for one hour included)
  • When you are ready, your prebooked car drives up to the entrance

Contact bookings if you have other needs regarding the reception of your guest.