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Food reaching new heights at Stockholm Arlanda

At Stockholm Arlanda’s restaurants, you’ll find spicy Asian dishes, American street food and classics from the Swedish archipelago. Experience the improved array of dishes on offer at Stockholm Arlanda.

Food reaching new heights at Stockholm Arlanda

On Thursdays and Fridays beginning September 19 and until November 1, you’ll encounter guides in Terminal 5 and SkyCity who will help you find different restaurants, bars and cafés. If you’d like, you can get recommendations on where to eat and what dishes are especially exciting to try. 
Stockholm Arlanda’s restaurants, cafés and bars

Did you visit our food truck?

The best way to do things is by showing. So for two weeks, we´ve had a food truck driving around Stockholm and serving some of the best dishes that Stockholm Arlanda has to offer: osso buco, pulled pork, truffle risotto and lasagne. Why not go to Instagram and check out the pictures – search for arlandafoodtrucks.