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Discover new food options at Stockholm Arlanda

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In 2013, Stockholm Arlanda Airport embarked on an exciting journey to develop its food offering for passengers – as many as 21 new restaurants, bars and cafés have opened or been refurbished at the airport. What type of food do you prefer?

Stockholm Arlanda is always striving to provide a variety of both hot and cold dishes in different price categories, so that as many of our passengers as possible will find something they like. Most of our cafés and restaurants are also open really early and really late, so no one needs to go hungry or thirsty. You can read more here about Stockholm Arlanda’s offering and get help finding your favourites for the next time you fly.

Expanded food offering in 2013

This year, we have shifted into even higher gear with our food offering at Stockholm Arlanda – both before and after the security checkpoints. For instance, the new Terminal 2 was inaugurated in April with many new additions, including the opening of Brasserie Himmel & Hav, which with its 540 square metres is the airport’s largest restaurant on the other side of the security checkpoint.
New Terminal 2

Another area that has been developed is the new section of SkyCity, which is located in the passageway to Clarion Hotel Arlanda, before the security checkpoint, and open to everyone. You’ll find a real bakery here, with bread fresh out of the oven, and wonderful chocolate pralines from RC Chocolat, a wide selection of coffees and hearty sandwiches at Starbucks and Asian dishes such as kimchi salad and ramen soup at Indochine.
New section of SkyCity

Take the opportunity to discover Stockholm Arlanda’s offering! Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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All the new restaurants, cafés and bars in 2013

Food ideas at Stockholm Arlanda

In the mood for a quick burger, just a ginger shot or a nice meal? At Stockholm Arlanda, you’ll find just about everything.

  • Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and cream sauce. Andersson Food & Akvavit. Terminal 5.
  • Pulled pork with Mediterranean flavours. Food Market. Terminal 5.
  • Swedish Grand Deluxe Cheese & Bacon hamburger. Max. Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.
  • New Orleans chili, with tortillas and crème fraîche. New Orleans Bistro & Bar. SkyCity.
  • Shake mushi: steamed-cooked lax with ponzu sauce, mayonnaise and rice. Itamae Sushi. SkyCity.
  • Energy-boosting ginger shot. Joe & the Juice. Terminal 4.
  • Swedish meat patties with onion and beer gravy made with local Sigtuna beer. Taste. Terminal 5.
  • Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and baby spinach. Starbucks. Terminal 2, Terminal 5 and SkyCity.
  • Freshly baked baguettes with delicious fillings, around the clock. Upper Crust. Terminal 5.
  • Boston Celtic BBQ Cheeseburger with the house BBQ sauce (see picture below). O’Learys. Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.