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Himmel & Hav Brasseri & Bar

Himmel & Hav is a brasserie and a bar where you’re served carefully prepared dishes inspired by French cuisine in a cosy, airy setting. Why not try the cheese buffet or the charcuterie plate if you want something a little lighter to eat? You can accompany your meal with something from the brasserie’s well-stocked selection of wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverages.

For early morning travellers, there is also a selection of breakfast dishes and coffee drinks to pick you up.

Breakfast, sandwiches, salads and hot dishes available for take-away.

Category: Restaurant
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Before securitycheck

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Himmel & Hav Brasseri & Bar
Himmel & Hav Brasseri & Bar
Terminal 2 After security check.
Open hours:

Daily − opens one hour before the first departure and closes in conjunction with the final departure from Terminal 2.

+46 (0)73-688 17 78