Arrive at the airport 3 hours before your departure – be there when your check-in and bag drop open

Right now, we have long waiting times at the airport periodically, and we encourage passengers to be there three hours before their departure. If you are checking in for your flight or checking in baggage, there is no reason to be at the airport more than three hours before your flight.

Prepare as much as possible before you arrive at the airport

  1. Start by clicking on your flight under Departures here on our website. For most departures, a time is given for when the check-in/bag drop for the flight opens. Make sure to be there then. Please note that even if you check in online from home, you must check in your baggage at the airport. Go to the automated check-in machine in the departure hall so that you can print out your bag tags.  If no time is given for your check-in/bag drop, you will need to contact your airline to get that information. Find contact information about the airlines here.
  2. If you checked in online from home, have a boarding card and are travelling only with hand baggage, you can go straight to the security checkpoint. The opening hours for the security checkpoints are shown below.
    Please note that the waiting times we give for the security checkpoints on our website and in our app are real-time information. So you cannot plan when to be at the airport based on that since the waiting time given may change quickly.

Right now, many people are arriving far too early, before check-in/baggage check-in for their flight opens. That contributes to crowding. If necessary, we will limit the flow into the terminal and only let in passengers with less than three hours before their departure. The time limit may be longer for flights outside Europe, if check-in opens earlier. Please check your departure.

Opening hours, security checkpoints:

Only hand baggage may be taken through the security checkpoint. You must check in other baggage before you get to the security checkpoint.

Terminal 5
At Terminal 5, there are two security checkpoints, one at each end of the terminal. You can use either one. You will reach all gates in Terminal 5 through either security checkpoint. The security checkpoints are called D and F and are marked “Security” on the terminal map.

Opening hours, Terminal 5 security checkpoints:

Security checkpoint D:
Monday - Tuesday: 03.30 - 20.30
Wednesday: 02.45 - 20.30
Thursday - Sunday: 03.30 - 20.30

Security checkpoint F: 
Monday: 03.30 - 22.35
Tuesday: 03.00 - 01.15
Wednesday: 03.30 - 23.30
Thursday: 02.50 - 00.15
Friday: 02.45 - 23.15
Saturday: 01.15 - 00.15
Sunday: 01.15 - 23.55

Opening hours, Terminal 4 security checkpoint:

Opens at 04.00 and closes after the last departure with Ryanair.

Opening hours, Terminal 2 security checkpoint:

Opens at 4:00 a.m. and closes at 8:30 p.m.

Please visit this page for more concrete tips for how you can prepare ahead of time and what is important to keep in mind when you get to the airport.