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World’s first tattoo studio at an airport

Tattoo studio Salong Betong's shop sign, photo
2015-04-10, kl. 10:33

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is getting the world’s first airport tattoo studio. On May 5, the renowned tattoo studio Salong Betong will open in Terminal 5.

Airports today can be compared to harbours of the past – an important meeting place and a travel hub. In the olden days, only criminals and sailors had tattoos, and ships were one of the most common places where the art of tattooing was taught. Today tattoos have become increasingly common, with everyone from parents of young children to businessmen sporting one. So far, no other airport in the world has opened a tattoo studio, and this spring, Stockholm Arlanda will be the first.

In addition to getting a tattoo, people can buy a cup of coffee made with freshly roasted beans with a clean conscience to the sound of machines and the sight of artists in action. The coffee bar is part of Salong Betong’s charity project Faith, Hope and Coffee, in which, together with Johan & Nyström, they have developed their own coffee blend. Some of the profits from coffee sales will go the organisation Maskrosbarn (’Dandelion kids’), which supports young people whose parents have abuse or mental problems as well as socially vulnerable children.

“Salong Betong is one of Sweden’s most well-known tattoo studios. It is a local Stockholm studio that has grown quickly and become a strong brand all across Sweden. This is completely in line with our strategy, in which we, as Stockholm Arlanda’s port to the world, want to provide our passengers with a good mix of local and national Swedish brands,” says Björn Olsson, Head of Retail at Swedavia.

Salong Betong’s premises in Terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda will be minimalist in style, featuring concrete elements and tattoo art. It will include a tattoo studio, coffee bar and shop, where people can purchase coffee, coffee cups, caps, shoes, slippers, sunglasses, game cards, puzzles and T shirts. Salong Betong has twice been named one of the strongest players in fashion Sweden by the Swedish men’s magazine King.

Salong Betong is extremely popular and is fully booked far in advance, which could mean great pressure and some waiting time. However, they will have a room for drop-in visits. People can enjoy a cup of coffee no matter what. Times can be booked via Salong Betong at info@salongbetong.com.