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Tips and fun for families with children at Stockholm Arlanda during the autumn break

2013-10-25, kl. 12:51

Are you travelling with children for the autumn break this weekend? Then you will encounter airport baggage hosts, special children’s menus in restaurants, free Bamse magazines and a dedicated family queue at the security checkpoint, called  a “kids track”, at Stockholm Arlanda Airport – all in order to make things smoother for you at the airport.

To make travel easier, more fun and more efficient, Stockholm Arlanda Airport is arranging special activities for people travelling with children during the first weekend of the autumn break, October 25-27. Among the activities at this time, you will:

  • encounter additional airport hosts, who will help load baggage on the parking lot shuttle buses,
  • be given free Bamse magazines on the buses,
  • receive special offers in shops as well as children’s menus at the airport’s different restaurants,
  • have access to a one-of-a-kind family queue at the security checkpoint, called a “kids track”, which is being tested through the end of the year.

“We work continuously to increase people’s comfort and well-being at our airports, and we believe these additional activities can make travel more fun and easier for our younger passengers and their parents. Hopefully, we can offer such activities repeatedly at times when many children are travelling,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Play areas and planespotting

In addition to the activities planned especially for the start of the autumn break, the airport already offers a children’s lounge in Elsa Beskow’s World, Astrid Lindgren’s Junibacken play area, a pirate ship, good places to watch planes and airport vehicles, and in particular children’s lavatories. There are maps posted in the terminals showing where play areas and shops are located.

You can also download and print out the map ahead of time.
Download map

Play area in Terminal 5

Play area in Terminal 4

Tips for how to make your visit to the airport with children easier

  • Get to the airport on time so that neither children nor adults are stressed. It is recommended that you be there at least two hours before departure.
  • Borrow a stroller at the airport to get around conveniently once your own pram has been check in.
  • Let your children run off their energy before boarding, for instance, in the airport’s play areas around Junibacken and Elsa Beskow’s World.
  • Print out a map of the terminal ahead of time so you can quickly find different children’s facilities.
  • Check your outer garments in the airport cloakroom if you are travelling to a warm destination.
  • It is a good idea to “mark” smaller children with your mobile phone number in case you get separated.

Survey of what families with children want when they travel

Faster check-in and security screening as well as better options for playing at the airport are precisely what families with children would like to have to make their journey easier. These are the findings of a survey carried out by Swedavia in partnership with TNS Sifo on the views of Swedes when it comes to travel.

Faster check-in and security screening (57 per cent of those asked), better entertainment options on board the plane (51 per cent) and better opportunities for children to play at the airport (39 per cent) were the most frequent requests from people travelling with children. These are the results of a survey conducted by Swedavia that examines the views of Swedes with respect to travel and holidays.

The survey was carried out by TNS Sifo at the request of Swedavia in order to study the views of Swedes when it comes to travel and holidays. Respondents, between the age of 18 and 79, were randomly chosen. 3,796 people were asked to take part in the survey, which was done online between September 30 and October 9, 2013. Of those taking part in the survey, 455 answered questions about travelling with children.