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Popular to take the train to the airport

2013-04-19, kl. 14:48

The new commuter train service and the Swedish rail operator SJ’s investments in train service via Stockholm Arlanda have had a positive impact on the airport in several ways. More people are taking public transport, Arlanda Central Station is today Sweden’s fourth largest railway station, and carbon dioxide emissions at the airport have decreased.

Along with the Arlanda Express high-speed rail stations at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Arlanda Central Station, is also located right in SkyCity. Arlanda Central Station has grown over the years and is now Sweden’s fourth largest railway station. In January 2013, the number of passengers travelling via the station was up 36 per cent compared to January 2012.

All train service to and from Arlanda Central Station:

  • SL’s commuter trains to Stockholm and Uppsala
  • SJ’s long-distance trains to stops in the Mälardal region, Dalarna and Norrland
  • Tågkompaniet’s service between Gävle and Stockholm via Stockholm Arlanda
  • Veolia’s trains between Stockholm Arlanda and Åre

Train service at Stockholm Arlanda for passengers

Carbon dioxide emissions have decreased

It is also possible to see a clear reduction in long-distance travel by car, for instance from Sundsvall and Gävle, which has a significant impact on carbon dioxide emissions. And during the final quarter of 2012, the target of at least 50 per cent mass transit to and from the airport was achieved.