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More charging points at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

2013-02-20, kl. 15:43

Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s investment in charging points for electric cars continues. At the low-price Beta parking facility, 20 charging posts have been installed. The six charging posts at the pick-up/drop-off parking area outside Terminal 5 will be increased to a total of twelve. Now ten new charging points will also be offered in Stockholm Arlanda’s parking area for taxis, where taxi companies are invited to charge their electric hybrid vehicles at no cost.

A growing number of electric car owners have the opportunity to charge their vehicles at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. When people charge their electric car at Stockholm Arlanda, they also currently park for free, which means that visitors save both energy and parking costs. Now the same applies to taxis. There are ten charging points in Stockholm Arlanda’s remote taxi stand, which is the area where taxis park while waiting to be called to the terminals.

“This is another step in our ambition to be pioneers in environmentally smart parking, which right now is also free for environmentally-minded travellers,” says Johan Lindsten, head of ground transport at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The charging posts are part of the airport’s work to limit carbon dioxide emissions. Clean vehicles are also given priority at the airport’s parking facilities, where they park in the best spaces.

The airport has also added another 40 parking spaces with engine heaters at the low-price Beta parking facility, for a total of spaces with 216 engine heaters. That is because starting a cold engine increases fuel consumption and emissions. Emissions are cut by 50–80 per cent on a six-kilometre trip if an engine heater has been used.

Since 2005, ecotaxis have had their own queue, in front of the regular taxi stand outside the airport terminals. As of July 1, 2011, only ecotaxis are allowed to serve Stockholm Arlanda. The switch by taxi companies to clean vehicles also has a positive effect on the entire region.