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Increased air travel and more passengers at Stockholm Arlanda

Travellers in the check-in area of Stockholm Arlanda Airport
2015-02-06, kl. 16:55

The number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport increased by just over two per cent in January. Meanwhile, the number of landings was down. This means the trend of ever higher passenger volume and at the same time fewer landings but with larger aircraft with higher seat occupancy appears to be holding.

The growth trend at Stockholm Arlanda Airport continued. In January, just over 1.5 million passengers flew via the airport. There were 1,200,000 international passengers (up 4 per cent) and 350,000 domestic passengers (down 3 per cent). The decline in domestic passenger volume is explained by the unusually large number of holidays in early January, which mainly reduced the number of domestic business trips.

Despite the increase in passengers, the number of landings fell three per cent compared to January last year. In the past five years, over 30 per cent more passengers have chosen to fly via Stockholm Arlanda Airport. During the same period, the number of landings has increased 18 per cent. That means better filled flights, larger and more modern aircraft and also lower carbon dioxide emissions per passenger.

“There is a significant need for expansion and modification to accommodate ever larger aircraft. The substantial increase in the number of international flights, especially intercontinental flights, continues to drive development at Stockholm Arlanda. Naturally, we are also taking the opportunity to prepare the airport to receive the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus 380, as part of our major development programme. This is in line with our growth plan,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Today Stockholm Arlanda is already approved as an alternate airport for aircraft such as the Airbus 380, and work is currently under way to have the airport also approved for scheduled operations with this type of aircraft. For instance, this summer, the edges of one of the runways will be reinforced to handle the extra weight, and over the next few years, more and longer jet bridges will be built at the terminals. The gates will also be refurbished in order to accommodate a fully loaded A380, which can hold as many as 800 passengers.