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Experience Sweden’s National Day at Stockholm Arlanda

On Thursday, June 6, we celebrate Sweden’s National Day.

Experience Sweden’s National Day at Stockholm Arlanda

Beginning at 3.00 p.m., Tensta Folkdanslag, a group of local folk dancers, will be performing through the airport. You can follow their route during the afternoon. 

3.00–3.15   SkyCity and in SkyBridge
3.30–3.45   Departure hall,  Terminal 5
4.00–4.15   Arrival hall, Terminal 5
4.30–5.00   SkyCity and in SkyBridge
5.45–6.00   Terminal 4 departure/arrival hall
6.30–6.45   Terminal 2 departure/arrival hall

There will also be ice cream for all children travelling on the buses from the low-price parking facilities.

Come celebrate Sweden’s National Day with us at the airport.