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Discover SkyCity – your city at Stockholm Arlanda

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You haven’t missed SkyCity, have you? Stockholm Arlanda’s city is located across from Terminal 4 and Terminal 5, where you stand with one foot on your home turf and the other in New York, Tel Aviv, London or wherever you’re headed. Get here a little earlier next time you fly and discover everything on offer and everything you can do. Below are a few of our suggestions.

Breakfast buffet at On my Way

If you have a really early flight, take the opportunity to eat breakfast at On my Way located in the hotel Radisson Blu, which opens at 4.30 a.m. You’ll find a well-stocked breakfast buffet and a lovely international setting.

Vitamin boost at Naked Juicebar

You’ll get an extra vitamin kick with a juice, smoothie or supershot from Naked Juicebar. You can’t get a better start to your trip. Treat yourself to a Coco Sunshine before it’s time to go through security or when you land.

Asian flavours at Itamae Sushi

If you visit SkyCity at lunchtime, one suggestion is to eat sushi from Itamae Sushi. Fresh ingredients, lovely presentation and a fusion of flavours are something you can look forward to. Don’t forget to try their Shake Mushi, steamed salmon.

Gather your thoughts in the Arlanda chapel

Do you need a little time to yourself to gather your thoughts before your plane takes off? The Arlanda chapel is available for people of all religions. The bookshelf holds yarmulkes and prayer rugs, Bibles and Korans.

Lovely treatments at Sky Beauty

Pamper yourself a little at Sky Beauty. Many treatments are available here – everything from manicures and eyebrow shaping to Flash Beauty vitamin treatments in 30 minutes. They also have a naprapath (chiropractor) on hand if you are feeling stiff before a long flight.

Spinning at Flygterapeuterna

Would you like to fit in a workout before you board your plane?  At Flygterapeuterna you can get a spinning workout where the large-screen TV shows either the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia – allez, forza!

Full service with Apoteksgruppen

Anything can happen when you least expect it. Maybe you forgot to pack your toothbrush, earplugs, painkillers or sunscreen. You can find these at the pharmacy Apoteksgruppen. You can also pick up a prescription here.

Coffee and chocolate at RC Chocolat

One final suggestion: take a coffee break at RC Chocolat before you head off to check-in. Bread is baked here on the premises in their own bakery, and the coffee tastes the way good coffee should taste. The pastries are also tiny works of art. Irresistible.