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ABBA contest winners chosen

Thanks to all the entrants in our ABBA contest – the winners have now been chosen.

ABBA contest winners chosen

Winners will be contacted directly by ABBA The Museum or Stockholm Arlanda Airport depending on the prize.

Here are the correct answers.

1. What song is based on a Greek story?   

2. Where was the photo for the Waterloo album taken?
Gripsholms Slott

3. When ABBA visited the White House in 1979 who was not there because of illness?

4. Which single was the follow up single of Waterloo in the UK?
Ring Ring (remix)

5. In which country were the concerts filmed shown in ABBA The Movie? 

6. On wich arena did ABBA play the last time for a paying audience?  

7. Where did the 1977 tour of Australia end? 

8. Who was born in Stockholm? 

9. In which year was the album ”Arrival” released for the first time?

10. In what city did ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ABBA The Museum or Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

ABBA The Museum, tel: 08-121 328 60
Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Veronika Stennek, tel: 010-109 10 00