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We Are Arlanda

On the photo wall We Are Arlanda, you’ll see airport employees who have been named Everyday Heroes of the Year 2015 – people who make sure the airport is safe, secure, and clean and who help you with everything from parking to check-in and lost baggage. Naturally, with a smile.

We Are Arlanda

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is full of everyday heroes. You’ve met some of them when you’ve visited the airport, but there are many more. We can’t spotlight all of them, but on the photo wall We Are Arlanda you’ll meet some of the people who make Stockholm Arlanda a safe, secure and efficient airport with good service.

Everyday heroes 2015
In 2015 eleven everyday heroes were named at Airport Award Operations, an event for all companies that have operations at Stockholm Arlanda. Prior to the event, every company with operations at the airport had a chance to nominate their own everyday hero and give reasons why their colleague should be the winner.

Our Everyday heroes are:
Benne Mattsson, Samhall 
Jennifer Lien, Aviator
Laszlo Szomory, Tomina
Rustam Salimov, Menzies Aviation
Petra Thulin, SAS Ground Handling
Christian Persson, Bagport
Brahim Khayati, APCOA Parking
Fredrick Wachiaya, Swedavia Airports
Milos Kostadinovic, Sweport
Saima Harambasic, Rengörare Näslund
Mehwish Ahmad Khan & Kehkisha Ahmad, Securitas   

The everyday heroes are now on display on the photo wall We Are Arlanda. The initiative for the award and the photo wall came from Swedavia’s hospitality developers and their boss, Anna Ericsson.

“The idea is to increase engagement and solidarity among all those who work here at Stockholm Arlanda. Obviously, it feels great that we now have a chance to put our everyday heroes on display for a larger audience,” says Yvette Pierrou, hospitality developer at Swedavia.

How to find it
The photo wall We Are Arlanda is located in the walkway between Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. The Everyday Heroes of the Year 2015 will be on display from June 13, 2016, to early 2017, when the pictures will be changed.

You can see a map of Stockholm Arlanda’s terminals here