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Watch the airplanes from Arlanda's viewpoint

Are you are a aviation enthusiast eager to see airplanes land and take off from right up close? If so, visit the viewpoint at Lake Halmsjön.

The viewoint is located on a hill alongside Lake Halmsjön, on the road towards Almunge/Norrtälje right near the northern end of Runway 3. Taxiway W, which is used by aircraft to get to and from Terminal 5 and the other eastern parts of the airport, goes just past the hill.

There is a large rain shelter with seating on the hill. On the other side of the lake, you can also find a small beach area if you feel like a swim.

The viewpoint is built by Arlanda in association with the Swedish Aviation Historical Society (SFF).

Directions by car

Take road 273 towards Almunge/Norrtälje (signposted from the main entrance and from Märsta). Turn left immediately after the second taxiway bridge, by the signs Skogsvägen and Utsiktsplats (‘Viewpoint’). The hill is on the right and parking can be found up on the hill.

Directions by public transport

Take the Stockholm transport (SL) bus 583, Märsta-Arlanda, and continue past the terminals. If you are boarding the bus at the terminals, travel in the direction of "Arlanda." Get off at the Skogsvägen/Östra Hangarvägen bus stop, which is located just below the hill and is the final stop on the bus route.

Map of Arlanda's runways and the location of the viewpoint