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Why are we developing Stockholm Arlanda right now?

Stockholm Arlanda is Sweden’s gateway to the world and is set to become the world’s gateway to Scandinavia. We are now making preparations to handle almost 40 million passengers by 2040.

Why are we developing Stockholm Arlanda right now?

More and more people are choosing to fly to and from Stockholm Arlanda – in 2015, more than 23 million passengers passed through the airport. Over the past two years, passenger volume has increased by 3 million. It is estimated that almost 40 million people will travel via Stockholm Arlanda in 2040.

Expansion and further development are needed to handle the growth

In order to handle this growth, we need to increase our terminal capacity. Terminal 5 will be extended with an additional pier. Baggage handling, check-in and security screening will have greater capacity and flexibility. The commercial offering will also be enhanced, and environments at the airport will be modernised.

Terminal 4 will be further developed into an efficient terminal for domestic traffic. In the long term, Terminal 2 will also be expanded with one or two piers. With these changes, the airport will be prepared to handle growth even after 2040.

A new airport city will soon start taking shape

But we are not just developing our airport operations. A brand-new city is taking shape around the airport, as is the super-hub for mass transit that we want to create at Stockholm Arlanda.