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What is included in the development plans?

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We are developing Stockholm Arlanda in order to handle almost 40 million passengers by 2040, compared to 25 million today. Below, we tell you more about what is happening.

The development plans include a number of different projects to increase terminal capacity and enhance the passenger experience. Among the changes, the walkway between the areas for Gates 1-10 and 11-24 in Terminal 5 will be renovated to improve the passenger flow. More aircraft parking stands will be built, together with a consolidation centre for all shops and restaurants.

A new pier in Terminal 5 will also be built, which means that the current airport maintenance area needs to be relocated and therefore rebuilt. We also need to increase the capacity of the baggage handling system in order to manage the large increase in passenger volume. In addition, a new security checkpoint will be built.

We are not just developing the terminals; a brand-new airport city – Airport City Stockholm – will also soon start taking shape around Stockholm Arlanda, with its perfect location between Stockholm and Uppsala, close to railways, roads, air travel facilities and the rest of the world. 

Airport City Stockholm will consist of six districts, each with its own purpose. The first office complex to be built in the SkyCity district is SkyCity Office One.

You can read more here about other areas being developed:

New pier

New airport maintenance area

US Preclearance

New security checkpoint and area for shopping and eating

New baggage handling system

Renovation of the area for Gates 11-24, Terminal 5

Preparations to handle larger aircraft in the area for Gates F26-F69, Terminal 5

Are you unsure where the different gate areas are located?

Map of Stockholm Arlanda