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Stockholm Arlanda’s collaborations – an essential requirement for the airport

Stockholm Arlanda is an integral part of the region the airport operates in. This is why it is very important for us to join with partners in efforts to develop the Stockholm region into the obvious choice for business people, travellers and visitors to Scandinavia, thereby strengthening Stockholm’s role as ‘The Capital of Scandinavia’.

You can read more here about the various collaborative projects that Stockholm Arlanda takes part in, presented in alphabetical order.

ABC collaboration

The ABC collaboration between the municipalities along the Stockholm-Uppsala corridor, which Swedavia also takes part in, deals with planning development in the municipalities over a thirty-year horizon. This includes housing, jobs, traffic solutions and transport.

Arlanda Forum

A forum in which local and regional decision-makers – both civil servants and politicians – discuss how access to Stockholm Arlanda Airport can be improved. Enhancing the Stockholm region’s international access – and thus developing, among other things, Stockholm Arlanda and Bromma Stockholm Airports – has a great bearing on the continued development of the expanding Stockholm region. The Arlanda Forum includes a number of participants in addition to Swedavia, such as the Stockholm County Administrative Board, the City of Stockholm, the Stockholm County Council, the Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Region Uppsala and the Municipality of Sigtuna.

Arlanda Logistic Network

Cargo and freight forwarding are important elements of Stockholm Arlanda’s operations and play a significant role in the Stockholm Arlanda region. This is an established network for market players that work in the logistics industry, directly or indirectly. Here they collaborate on matters concerning access, the environment, training and marketing.

Arlanda Region

This extensive collaborative body for the so-called Arlanda region, that is, the Municipalities of Sigtuna, Knivsta, Upplands Väsby and Vallentuna, including Swedavia Stockholm Arlanda Airport, addresses regional development in terms of traffic infrastructure, residential construction, business development and environmental issues. It deals with issues that are important not just to the region but to Sweden as a whole.

Collaboration with local noise abatement associations

Stockholm Arlanda Airport meets representatives of the noise abatement associations in nearby communities such as Upplands Väsby, Sollentuna and Rosersberg several times per year. Among other things, these meetings have resulted in a number of suggestions for noise-reduction measures, some of which have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented.

Connect Sweden

An apolitical collaborative forum including businesses, public sector organisations, the City of Stockholm, the region, Swedavia and other stakeholders. The aim is to establish at least five new international direct routes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to elsewhere in Europe, North America and Asia within three years and thus strengthen Stockholm Arlanda’s position as Scandinavia’s leading airport.

Mälardal Council

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is part of the Mälardal Council’s Infrastructure group, which is entrusted with the task of generating knowledge and promoting coordination on infrastructure issues in the Lake Mälare region. The objective is to identify important projects in the region and give these priority in light of future government infrastructure proposals. In order to further underline the importance of infrastructure issues, the airport takes part in the work to draft regional development plans for both Stockholm and Uppsala.

Tourism industry

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is also active in a number of marketing initiatives aimed at attracting travellers to Stockholm and the Lake Mälare region. The airport has a seat on the board of Destination Sigtuna AB.