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Role of the airport in the region

Stockholm Arlanda Airport stands for efficient transport services − primarily by air, but also through good ground transport services to and from the airport. Efficient transport facilitates the exchange of ideas, goods and services – an essential requirement for economic growth and prosperity in Sweden and the region. But what are the role and significance of the airport in more concrete terms?

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located in the heart of Scandinavia. Internationally, the airport is a hub for traffic to and from Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region. Stockholm Arlanda currently has the strongest route network in this area − with a total of 180 different destinations, nationally and internationally.

Ground traffic hub

In the Stockholm region, Stockholm Arlanda is also a hub for ground traffic, with good road connections, bus routes, long-distance trains, high-speed trains (Arlanda Express) and commuter trains. But there is still a great deal of room for improvement when it comes to regional public transport – today driving a car is the only alternative from a number of areas.

The airport generates more jobs

There are some 600 companies and organisations with about 17,000 employees at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The airport indirectly generates an additional 1,000 jobs per million passengers and around 2,000 jobs in the region for taxi drivers, day care staff and more. This translates to more than 50,000 jobs in addition to those at the airport itself.

Stockholm Arlanda important for tourism

Foreign visitors spend SEK 60 billion a year in Sweden on shopping, accommodation and food. This is more than the country’s car exports, more than its pharmaceutical exports and ten times more than its music exports. Travel is also expected to increase, and Stockholm Arlanda Airport plays an important role here.

International travel is expected to increase 4 per cent annually to 2020, and Stockholm Arlanda plays a critical role in taking advantage of the potential found going forward – for the Stockholm region and for Sweden.

The airport’s importance for exports and business

Sweden is one of the countries with the greatest dependence on exports, and exports rely on goods and services being sold on site, out in the world, since many transactions are carried out through meetings between people. Air travel to and from Stockholm Arlanda is important for companies whose employees travel on business to make deals in other countries and elsewhere in Sweden. Furthermore, each year goods worth about 90 billion Swedish kronor are flown around the world from Sweden. Examples of goods that require air cargo for export are electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Some 25 per cent of the Swedish population lives in the Stockholm region, and the region accounts for more than 30 per cent of Sweden’s GDP.  The Stockholm region’s contribution to GDP is thus larger than that of any other region in the country. Surveys show that over half of the companies in the Stockholm region consider Stockholm Arlanda Airport to be critical or very important to operations. Stockholm Arlanda ranks sixth in company evaluations of 13 different factors for success.

Stockholm Arlanda’s role for culture and knowledge

Air travel is also important to the exchange of both culture and knowledge. Sweden is a country with a rich knowledge base, with universities and specialist companies that depend on good transport to exchange knowledge and experience with the rest of the world. Another example is sport. To rank among the best, people have to compare themselves with the best and be able to fly to a competition – no matter where in the world it is held. The 180 routes that Stockholm Arlanda Airport offers to destinations in Sweden, elsewhere in Europe and the world are thus important to ensure that ideas, the economy and prosperity grow.

Regional collaboration for development going forward

Being part of the region and working to drive development forward is important for Stockholm Arlanda. The airport therefore takes part in a number of different collaboration mechanisms.

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