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US preclearance at Stockholm Arlanda could be a reality

Swedavia has applied to introduce facilities for US customs and immigration inspections at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and has been selected by the US authorities as a candidate for further assessment. The objective of having a US border entry checkpoint at Stockholm Arlanda is to make travel easier for passengers.    

US preclearance, as the process is also known, entails passengers clearing US immigration, customs and security checks at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. US authorities have not made a final decision, but if we are granted permission to introduce preclearance at the airport, Swedavia anticipates that a facility can be built in 12-18 months. 

US preclearance is available today in two places in Europe 

In Europe, US preclearance is used today at two Irish airports – Shannon Airport and Dublin Airport. The experience from these airports is that travel to and from the US has become easier and that air links between the countries are improved, both through more departures to the US and since it is possible to fly to more domestic destinations there.

Benefits for passengers of US preclearance at Stockholm Arlanda

  • You pass inspection and are already cleared as an arriving passenger when you arrive in the US.
  • You avoid long queues after your flight.
  • It is easy for you to continue on to a domestic flight, as easy as if you were a US citizen.
  • Clearance goes quickly. According to US authorities, inspection takes between 30 seconds and two minutes for 98 per cent of passengers. 

US preclearance at Stockholm Arlanda – how it works: 

  1. Check in as usual.
  2. Go through the security checkpoint as usual.
  3. Go to US preclearance at Stockholm Arlanda – simply follow the signs posted.
  4. You then fill out a form with questions about whether you have anything to declare to customs, such as food or cash.
  5. You then meet an inspector and show your passport and boarding card. You may also answer questions about your trip and identify the baggage you checked in earlier with the help of a picture. 
  6. Go through the preclearance facility’s own security checkpoint.
  7. An administrator then checks that your ESTA visa is valid. 
  8. You are now cleared and ready to go your gate.