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World’s largest bead mosaic at Stockholm Arlanda

2015-12-07, kl. 16:03

Now all passengers travelling through the Terminal 5 departure hall at Stockholm Arlanda Airport can see the world’s largest bead mosaic. Throughout the autumn term, pupils at Väringa School in Sigtuna worked to create the image with the aim of breaking the world record and entering the Guinness World Records book. The subject for the mosaic is a photo of the pupils as they run toward the photographer in front of the Sigtuna Town Hall.

Today the bead mosaic was unveiled in the Terminal 5 departure hall at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It was officially inaugurated at the airport by Väringa School’s headmistress and pupils in years 1 to 6 in front of a group of journalists and other invited guests. Björn von Sydow, a politician and former speaker of the Swedish parliament, and Niklas Wikegård, an expert commentator on hockey, were on hand to verify the official measurement and declare that it set the world record in the Guinness World Records book.

The world’s largest bead mosaic consists of 1,680,200 beads, took a total of 4,000 hours to make and is just over 40 square metres in size (4.65 m wide and 8.70 m high).

“The project as such, producing such a fantastic work of art, has been really exciting but the most important thing is still the experience we have been involved in. Together we have created a story that is worth telling. We will use this knowledge in the future to foster courage and dedication for other projects and important issues that concern us. Our pupils will never forget the importance of uniting behind a common goal and making an effort all the way to the end,” says Marjan Nourzad, headmistress of Väringa School.

“Sigtuna is our home municipality, and it is really great to have the opportunity to spotlight all these clever pupils and the enormous work they have put into the project.
We are also pleased to be able to offer our passengers a fun surprise and a world record the next time they come to the airport,” says Anna Ericsson, unit manager of Passenger Services at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.