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Watt & Veke and Rituals Cosmetic at Stockholm Arlanda

2012-11-19, kl. 15:00

This year is the 100-year celebration of the advent star in Sweden. It will be celebrated at Stockholm Arlanda with Watt & Veke’s exhibition stand in Terminal 5. The shop sells Christmas stars in all shapes and sizes. Rituals Cosmetic has also opened in Terminal 5 – a shop that elevates body care to a meaningful ritual.

The advent star is said to have arrived in Sweden in 1912 with Professor Julia Aurelius, who brought along a star when she moved here from Germany. The tradition of a star spread first in church circles in Lund and then further out in the country.

There is now a special Watt & Veke display booth in Terminal 5, after the security checkpoint, where you can buy advent stars in all shapes and sizes. The booth will be in place until Christmas.

You will also find Rituals Cosmetic as part of the Tax-free Shop in Terminal 5. Here you will find beauty and body care products, scented candles and home décor items. The shop’s philosophy is to transform everyday routines into meaningful rituals.

Watt & Veke in Terminal 5.

Rituals Cosmetic in the Tax-free Shop in Terminal 5.