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Victoria’s Secret to open in Sky City

2015-05-04, kl. 10:48

In the spring of 2013 Sweden’s first Victoria’s Secret shop opened at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Demand for Victoria’s Secret products has been strong among both passengers and employees, and as a result another shop will be added to the airport’s offering.

Victoria’s Secret has been in operation for 35 years and has more than 1,000 shops around the globe. Each year their fashion show is watched by celebrities and millions of people the world over. Their beauty products and accessories are just as popular. The first Swedish Victoria’s Secret shop opened before the Terminal 5 security checkpoint at Stockholm Arlanda and quickly became a favourite with both passengers and employees.

Now Victoria’s Secret is opening another outlet, this time in Sky City, which means that the shop will be accessible to everyone, no matter whether they are flying or not. The shop will sell an exclusive range of fragrances, body mists, skincare products, cosmetics, travel bags, luggage, scarves and sunglasses. Their popular panties will also be available in a number of models and colours. The shop is expected to open during the summer.

“We are pleased that Victoria’s Secret has decided to set up another outlet at Stockholm Arlanda. The fact that the shop will be set up in Sky City and is accessible to everyone helps to make the airport an attractive marketplace for all visitors,” notes Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director of Stockholm Arlanda Airport.