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Twice as many US tourists to Stockholm

2016-03-24, kl. 10:29

Since 2010, a large number of new air links between Stockholm and the US have been established. During the same period, the number of American tourists arriving at Stockholm Arlanda has doubled from 160,000 to 320,000 a year. This growth exceeds the average growth in foreign tourists. A total of more than 2.5 million foreign tourists arrived in 2015, one million more than five years ago.

Since 2010, the number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport has grown by more than six million. More than five million of these were in international traffic, which corresponds to growth in international traffic of 40 per cent. One important reason for this growth is the increase in leisure travel, and it is not just Swedes who are travelling. For instance, the number of US leisure travellers at the airport doubled over the five past years, from 160,000 to 320,000. This doubling in passenger volume took place at the same time that the total number of international leisure travellers increased by one million, a 73 per cent rate of growth.

“As more and more non-stop routes are offered to and from Sweden, we are seeing a rise in the number of foreign visitors. As for US passengers, demand is actually increasing faster than supply, even though large-scale investments by airlines mean that their offering is at historically high levels,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Because of the rise in the number of US leisure travellers to Sweden, the Swedish economy is growing stronger. In 2015, these passengers spent an average of more than SEK 10 million a day, adding more than 4 billion kronor to Sweden’s GDP. Converted to jobs, it means that consumption by US leisure passengers added 5,000 jobs in Sweden. 

In 2015, Stockholm Arlanda Airport was selected as one of ten airports in the world with the opportunity to introduce US preclearance. It is believed that this could make travel between Sweden and the US even easier. Negotiations on the possible introduction of US preclearance are still under way between Swedish and US government authorities.  

US air links from Stockholm Arlanda Airport during the summer of 2016:

  • Stockholm – New York (SAS, Norwegian, Delta, United)
  • Stockholm – Chicago (SAS)
  • Stockholm – San Francisco (Norwegian)
  • Stockholm – Los Angeles (SAS, Norwegian)
  • Stockholm – Fort Lauderdale (Norwegian)
  • Stockholm – Las Vegas (Norwegian)
  • Stockholm – Puerto Rico (Norwegian)