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Turkish Airlines expands at Stockholm Arlanda

2013-08-13, kl. 18:00

Turkish Airlines is expanding its capacity at Stockholm Arlanda by switching to larger aircraft on two of its three flights to Istanbul. Aircraft will be upgraded to an Airbus 321 on the carrier’s lunchtime and afternoon flights. High demand has led Turkish Airlines in effect to already expand capacity.

“We are pleased that Turkish Airlines continues to expand at Stockholm Arlanda,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda. He also notes the generally sharp growth in international traffic at Stockholm Arlanda, where passenger volume in July was up as much as 10.9 per cent.

The permanent switch to an A321 will take place on September 18 for the afternoon flight, which allows connections to the airline’s 18 destinations in the Far East, while the switch for the lunchtime flight on September 25 will allow connections to 33 destinations in the Middle East and the majority of the airline’s 34 destinations in Africa.