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Traffic up seven per cent at Stockholm Arlanda in May

2014-06-05, kl. 12:00

The number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda increased seven per cent in May. International traffic was up ten per cent, while domestic traffic was down one per cent.

During May, just over two million passengers flew via Stockholm Arlanda. The number of international passengers was slightly more than 1.5 million (+10%), and the number of domestic passengers was almost 500,000 (-1%) compared to the same month last year.

Copenhagen remains the top destination, followed closely by London and Oslo. New York had the biggest increase in passenger volume for the month, up 32 per cent, compared to May 2013.

The increase is largely due to the strong Swedish economy, which has led to more air routes and increased travel to and from the Stockholm region.

“Naturally, having more passengers is really positive for us as an airport, and increased travel means that things are going well for Sweden and that people are more confident about their personal finances,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The number of landings increased in May, although only by four per cent, which means a continued trend of growing passenger volume using the existing number of aircraft.