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Three airlines move to Terminal 2

2016-03-23, kl. 14:28

Will you be flying with Iberia, Nextjet (international) or Vueling beginning on March 27? Welcome to Terminal 2.

Iberia, Nextjet (only international flights) and Vueling are moving to Terminal 2 at Stockholm Arlanda Airport beginning March 27. The reason for the move is the continued increase in air traffic to and from the airport, with Terminal 2 being an important part of Stockholm Arlanda’s continued development.

Shopping, food and services in Terminal 2

In Terminal 2, among the options you’ll find are Himmel & Hav Brasserie and Bar, Starbucks, Capi The Travellers Electronic Company, the Duty Free Store, Johan & Nyström and World of Toys.

Shopping, food and services in Terminal 2.

Map of Terminal 2