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Take a selfie with ABBA’s helicopter at Stockholm Arlanda

2015-04-10, kl. 09:01

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is a proud partner of ABBA The Museum. The partnership entails, among other things, that the airport can display parts of the ABBA exhibition to give people a taste of the museum. Right now, travellers have an opportunity to take a picture of themselves and their companions in the famous helicopter from the cover of ABBA’s Arrival album, which is parked in Terminal 5.

At Stockholm Arlanda Airport, passengers and visitors to Stockholm and Sweden can get a unique preview of ABBA The Museum. Right now, the helicopter from the cover of ABBA’s Arrival album is parked in Terminal 5. And not just the helicopter – the four members of ABBA have landed and are reunited there, in the form of portrait-like cardboard figures in their actual size. The helicopter is an exact replica of the one built for the album cover and was made by the same manufacturer. Visitors can go into the helicopter, sit down at the controls and take a selfie – or why not take a groupie together with ABBA! A giant picture of the Arrival cover is in the background to enhance the album cover effect.

“The exhibition gives Stockholm Arlanda something totally special and unique, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and it enhances the airport experience of our customers and passengers. ABBA was the first really big Swedish musical export, and there have been many more since then. So it feels really good that Stockholm Arlanda, which makes a large share of Sweden’s international contacts and tourism possible, is able to offer a taste of ABBA The Museum,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The helicopter, which is 230 centimetres wide and 195 centimetres tall, required some refurbishment of the landing site in order to get through the doors of Terminal 5, which are about two metres wide.

Facts:The helicopter is a copy of the Bell 47 helicopter used by ABBA for the cover of the album Arrival, which was released in October 1976. The album includes hits such as “Dancing Queen”, “Money Money Money” and “Knowing Me Knowing You”. The cover photo was taken at Barkarby Airfield northwest of Stockholm by the photographer Ola Lager.